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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 425 Why Do You Loved Him So Much

"Stupid woman, do you know what love is?" he couldn't help asking. To be honest, he had always had a doubt that such a silly and muddled fool as her, could she tell the difference between love, adoration, and dependence?

"Of course I know. It is not that I have never loved before." She pouted.

His face was covered with shadow, which made him look particularly gloomy in the darkness. "Do you love Hanson so much?"

Essie sighed in a low voice. Before he appeared in her life, she indeed loved Hanson very much, at least she thought so. She continued, "I was infatuated with him when I first saw him in the campus. He is the most handsome man I've ever seen, shining with sunshine all over his body... "

"I don't know which part of him is more handsome than me," he interrupted her with great discontent.

"Different types, okay?" She rolled her eyes at him. He must be a devil who had dominated the universe in his previous life and always thought he was invincible.

"My type can easily defeat his," he said aggressively.

"Anyway, he is my first love. First love is the most special for everyone," she muttered.

"I am your first love!" Zac's dark eyes flashed a trace of fire. She fell in love with him at the age of seven, but she forgot him damn later.

But this didn't seem to be the case for Essie. She kept shaking her head and said, "I was too young to understand it at that time."

"You were young at that time, but you have a daring heart." Zac snorted. His cold face showed an indescribable look in the darkness.

Essie crinkled her nose. "Icy guy, be honest with me. Did you have an affair with Leila at that time? You were forced to get engaged to me under the pressure of the family. You don't want to marry me at all, do you? "

Before she finished speaking, Zac flicked her on the forehead. This stupid woman! Her brain was full of strange things. Why couldn't she have some normal thoughts?

Feeling wronged, Essie covered her forehead with her hand, wondering why he looked so angry? Even if he hadn't fallen in love with Leila at that time, it didn't mean that he was willing to get engaged to her. He didn't like her at all. Leila was his first love, the first woman he fell in love with.

"Even if I didn't leave, you would still fall in love with Leila." She said sourly, "If her surname is not Qin, I'm afraid you would have been married long time ago. Your child would be old enough to run errands for you now." As she spoke, her eyes turned red. She had liked him wishfully ever since she was a Cathy. Now it was still the same. It was always her wishful love to him. He didn't care at all. He wouldn't responded to her love He had already given his heart to Leila.

"You are such a stupid woman. There are not so many 'if' in this world." He was a little upset. It seemed that she would never see his heart.

"Yes, you are right. There is no such an if now. Even she still carries the surname of Qin, you still divorced me and marry her without hesitation." She felt like crying. While he was not noticing, she climbed to the bedside table and grabbed the glass and bottle. Her heart ached and she needed to be anaesthetized with alcohol.

Zac grabbed the bottle. "Stop drinking."

"It's none of your business, you wretch." She jumped to grab the bottle from his hand, but he took a big stride to the window and threw it out directly.

"Why don't you let me drink it? I'm so sad. It's all your fault. Why don't you let me drink? I hate you! I hate you! " She pounced on him like a madwoman, punching and kicking him, but he stood still, allowing her to vent her anger.

When she felt tired, she fell to the ground and cried, "I always thought that I would not repeat mom's tragedy and that I would not marry a bastard who has abandoned her.copy right hot novel pub