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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 424 Sleeping In The Same Room

"You are too stubborn." He clasped the tip of her chin, and a sharp gaze gently scratched her rosy little mouth.

"I've told you everything. I don't care whether you believe me or not. I'm leaving. You'd better let go of my hand as soon as possible, or I'm going to shout for help. My bodyguards are not far away. They will come to save me as soon as they hear me. " She was a little annoyed and just wanted to get rid of him and run away.

"I have removed your bodyguards." He smiled mischievously.

Startled, Essie looked around in the moonlight. Sure enough, there was no one else. "They are my bodyguards. How could they listen to you?"

Shrugging, Zac said, "They withdraw when I come here usually. They've got used to it."

With a pale face, Essie regretted herself that she forgot to inform the bodyguard to change the rule?

"If you dare to take advantage of me, I will... I will bite my tongue and commit suicide," she threatened.

She had read too many novels. But, it was not fatal even if she bit off her tongue. Zac sneered and looked at her coldly from head to toe. "Stupid woman, do you have anything that I'm interested in?"

Essie was shocked again. Yes, she almost forgot that he had recovered from his hidden disease. Except for Leila, who knew how many women he had made love with these days. He didn't need her for a long time.

She felt a surge of blood in her chest. She bowed and bit at the back of his hand. He groaned and let her go. She took the opportunity to run to the construction base.

'Stupid woman! You are not a dog, but why are you always biting?'

He shook his head, sighed and hurriedly followed her.

When she returned to the construction base, she found that it was dark, just like the beach.

"What happened?" Zac asked.

"There is something wrong with the electricity's system. The workers are busy in repairing it. But I'm afraid that the electricity system is out of power tonight," the guard replied.

'Power is out?'

Essie shuddered again.

She suffered from claustrophobia and had not build a construction base now. Only a few square meters of a shabby dormitory could be used. This kind of apartment was like a narrow and small space to her. Without the light, she didn't dare to stay inside alone.

Her fear was clearly sensed by Zac. He grabbed her hand and said, "Go to my room."

"Nice... Nice try. " She shook off his hand in a hurry. They used to be couple. It wouldn't be appropriate for a man and a woman to stay in one room at night.

"There's only one chance. If you miss it, I won't open the door even if you knock on it." Zac snorted. He was cold. He didn't have a tender heart for women at all.

Feeling a little cold, Essie held her arms and wanted to refuse at once. Then raised her head and walked away with dignity and backbone. But she couldn't overcome her fear for darkness and closed space. ''A great man knows when to yield and when not'. I'm more willing to suffer from injustice than to be threatened to death.'

So she stretched out her two fingers and grabbed him by the sleeve of his shirt, saying, "Come on... Let's go.copy right hot novel pub