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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 421 A Fierce Battle Between The Love Rivals (Part Two)

"Two million dollars."

"Five million dollars."

"Eight million dollars."

"Ten million dollars!" Essie raised her paddle again, and it seemed that she wouldn't give up until she got the doll.

"Fifteen million dollars." A possible buyer raised their paddles.

When Essie was about to compete with the doll again, Hanson turned his head and said, "Essie, do you want this Barbie doll?" A hint of shock and pain flashed over his face. It was the Zac's thing. Did she really care about it so much? Why couldn't she forget him?

It was not until then that she realized the abnormality on his face. She realized she had made a huge mistake. "I'm sorry, Hanson," she apologized. She lowered her head and said, "This is my Barbie doll. I gave it to him when I was a child. I want to take it back."

Hanson was shocked. He suddenly realized that she was the prototype of the Barbie.

"Okay, I'll take the bid for you." As he spoke, he raised his bid tag. "Thirty million dollars!"

It became quiet at the spot and no one seemed to want to fight any more.

The host lifted the hammer and said, "Thirty million dollars once, thirty million dollars twice, thirty million dollars the third times..." When he was about to drop the hammer for the deal, a low voice came, "Forty million dollars!"

It was Zac who spoke. An uproar broke out in the hall.

It was one of his possessions. Now he wanted to buy it for himself. Did he had too much money that he did not know how to spend it elsewhere?

Essie gave Zac a fierce look. He was such a crazy man. She would never let her favorite Barbie doll be possessed by this reckless demon. She was about to raise her card, but Hanson stopped her and said, "Let me do it."

He could see that Zac was deliberately picking on him. He wouldn't lose.

"Fifty million dollars." He accepted the challenge.copy right hot novel pub