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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 419 Her Ex-husband's Wedding

As soon as Essie entered the office, Leila came. She wanted to defend her successful fruit.

Essie really didn't want to see her, but Leila was still at the secretary's office. She had no choice but to let her in.

"Mrs. Leila, why are you here? Why don't you prepare the wedding as soon as possible?"

Leila walked to Essie and stretched out her finger. The eight carat diamond ring glowed brightly in the light. But it was not the Purple Love.

"This is the wedding ring Zac gave me. Is it beautiful?" She smiled complacently.

She glanced at it but never saw it again. The light of the diamond ring was like a sharp arrow, penetrating into her heart and stuck in it, which hurt every time she breathed.

"So you come here just to show me this?" She was expressionless, and her face was like being covered with a mask, which hid all her emotions.

"I just want to tell you that Zac is my husband now and you have no chance to get back together with him. You'd better give up and never try to seduce him again. " Leila raised her eyebrows, showing a ferocious expression.

"I have never planned to be together with him again. Are you getting paranoid?" She sniffed.

"Then who were you with last night?" Leila asked.

After a short pause, Essie finally understood. 'walls have ears.'

"He stayed to look after me just because he was worried that my health would affect the cooperation in the South Sea. Don't misunderstand him."

"Of course I believe my husband. He loves me very much, but I don't believe you. A bitch who wants to sleep with a man can't be stopped. So please don't see my husband again, or I'll teach you a lesson. " Her tone was warning and threatening. Her life was held in her hand. It was a piece of cake for her to die.

"Mistress? That's insane," she sneered.

Leila's face changed dramatically. "It's me who Zac loves. So, I'm never the mistress in our relationship. You are the mistress."

"Since you are so confident, why do you come to me? If he loves you, he will naturally not go for other women. If he doesn't love you, even if you are on guard every day and night, he will cheat on you," said Essie. Then she picked up the green tea on the table and took a sip, trying to make herself look natural. She lost her husband, but she had to keep her pride.

"After the wedding, Zac will stay by my side with all his heart and soul. You and Landis can't take advantage of it." She stomped her feet and slammed the door behind her.

Essie collapsed on the chair in exhaustion. All of a sudden, she understood what the old saying meant. People could only see the smile on new wife, bur never care about the sadness of former wife. Newlyweds always showed their affection to the public, but the old could only cry in the corner.

Sunday's wedding was very low-key. There were only FORD and William to support Zac, and even Jim was not be invited. And William was the best man. Leila invited a bunch of her best friends here. Daisy and Christina were the only two person who would represent the family members and friends to attend the banquet.

Leila was somewhat disappointed. There was no church, no priest, not to mention the exciting scene. But she didn't dare to ask too much.copy right hot novel pub