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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 416 As You Wish

But now, it was another woman who was going to marry him. Her happiness and sweetness could only be in the dream.

Tears burst out from her eyes like the flood of a torrent, instantly wetted her face. He had recovered from his hidden disease and could be a real couple with Leila, and the only memory about her disappeared.

As the wedding ceremony of Zac approached, she was like a peony flower which had lost most nutrition, withering day by day.

She couldn't smile any more. She couldn't sleep every night and she couldn't eat anything everyday. It seemed that she was dying.

Holy soon noticed her abnormality and asked, "Sis, what's wrong with you? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

"No, I'm fine. I'm just too busy these days." She tried to smile at him, but it disappeared before it took shape, as if the smile was blown away by the cold wind.

"Sis, are you sad about the wedding between Zac and Leila?" Holy sighed. He had heard about it from Goel.

"They are married. Of course they are going to have a wedding." The very thought of the wedding made her feel like thousands of ants gnawing at her heart. The pain almost drove her crazy.

"But you have been married for so long, you haven't had a wedding." Said Holy in a low voice, as if he was talking to himself. He felt a little sorry for his sister. How could Zac do that to her.

"Holy, you're too young to understand what's going on between adults," she said, patting his head.

"I'm almost twelve years old. I'm no longer a little boy. Don't treat me like a kid," After finishing his words, Holy curled up his lips. He had reached his puberty and was confused about sex. He could see that his sister liked Zac very much, which was better than to his brother Hanson. But...

"I used to like him, but now I really hate him. He's a bad man. He divorced you and married someone else when you were still in a coma. Don't like him anymore and feel sad for him. It's not worth it to hurt your own body. " Holy clenched his little fists, his face full of anger.

"Holy, you know what? Sometimes people's eyes and ears could deceive themselves, and some things were not as simple as they imagined. Everyone has his or her own helplessness and regrets, no matter how powerful he or she is. " She murmured. Even though Zac really betrayed her, she didn't want his image in Holy's heart to be completely destroyed.

"Sis, you are still defending him. Both of them had consented to the marriage. If he hadn't been willing, would there have been anyone who could put a knife around his neck to force him to marry? Besides, who is he? He is the number one cultivator in Dragon City. Anyone has to make a concession to him. Who dares to force him? " Holy didn't believe what his sister said at all. He only believed what he had seen.

"OK, Holy, you should study hard now. Don't worry about others. I can handle my own things. Don't worry." Essie patted on his little hand.

In fact, she also couldn't understand why on earth he would marry Leila? She racked her brains and couldn't find a reasonable explanation. Most of the time, she was afraid that he was only deceiving and playing with her. More importantly, she was afraid that he was possessive about her and wanted to treat her as a plaything to satisfy physical needs.

So she didn't dare to gamble. When her mother came out to stop her, she immediately backed off and no longer tried to maintain this relationship. She was afraid that she would lose, and lose everything.copy right hot novel pub