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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 411 Happy Last Night

It was late at night.

Zac didn't fall asleep. He was trying to block all the memories and feelings about that woman in his heart.

As for the remaining feeling that came out, it was all transferred to Leila, which made Leila wild with joy.

"Zac, you are finally willing to accept me, aren't you?" She sat on the carpet and put her head on his lap and asked in relief.

"Leila, it must be very hard to love someone who doesn't love you, right?" He stroked her head and let out a deep sigh, heavily and sadly.

Leila's heart missed a beat. Didn't Zac love her anymore? No, no, No. he had only temporarily transferred his feelings for her. He would soon come back to her. What's more, even if he didn't love her any more, he would definitely fall in love with her again in the days to be with her.

"Zac, I know you've been blaming me. It's the only wrong thing I've done to you in so many years. I know very well that I have crossed your line. You hate to be threatened most. But I have no choice. I don't want to lose you. Without you, I will die. " She said bitterly.

It seemed that Zac was also influenced by Leila's words. A little sadness was shown on his face. Without Essie, his life would be meaningless and incomplete. He had overestimated their relationship, which caused him to be disappointed again and again. In fact, their love is just like the beautiful flowers outside the window, fragile and weak. Any wind and rain could destroy it.

As for him, she needed and relied on him more than she loved him. He was always not as important as Hanson in her heart. Hanson always dominated the position in her heart, while he was just pathetically able to have a foothold.

"You know, I like obedient women. As long as you get rid of those bad habits, I will be good to you." He said in a low voice.

"I will change. I will change everything that you don't like." Leila nodded her head firmly.

His eyes fell on an unknown corner outside the window. It seemed that his eyes were covered by shadow, and his eyes grew darker...

In the next morning, when Fell woke up, Alice was leaning against the bedside, smoking a cigarette. "Were you happy last night, Fell?" Her charming smile scared Fell, as if he saw a beautiful snake.

"Alice, you are really a maniac." He sat up and quickly put on his clothes.

"I'm all yours now." When her slender fingers touched his face, he shook his hand off furiously. "You sent it yourself. I don't plan on taking it." He responded.

"If my sister knew that we had sex, would she still want you?" There was a threat in her eyes.

Fell was shocked, "what do you want?"

Alice took a big drag on her cigarette and blew out a smoke ring. The smoke swirled in the air slowly, spreading in all directions. Hiding her face behind the smoke, she looked rather weird.

"You go after my sister because she is in charge of the Xu's Group now. I can get the Xu's Group back if you help me."

"Are you going to compete for power with Cathy?" Fell was stunned.

"Xu's Group is supposed to be mine." At the moment, a malicious and insidious light flashed across the Alice's eyes.copy right hot novel pub