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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 403 A Wife Sings Her Husband's Tune

"In fact, leaving you is a relief to me. You change a woman from time to time and I have to sort it out for you. It's too tiring. Let Leila do it. " Then she let out a sigh of relief.

"Speaking of this, I really miss you. You are not jealous of me, but you can help me solve my worries. Leila is just like a jealousy jar. I can't even have a good time with a woman. If I knew she was so annoying, I would not marry her. " He looked agitated.

"Why would she be jealous if she doesn't love and care about you? I don't love you and I don't care about you, so I was not jealous." "People thought that we loved each other. But it was just an illusion. We got what we wanted when we were together. We didn't love each other at all," she continued in a mocking tone.

"But we were good at acting. They thought we were a perfect couple." Said Zac, who wore a forced smile on his face.

"Yes, that's true. I left for the United States because the matter of Valery was settled. Since the matter had been settled, there is no need to make use of each other anymore. I thought that I would never come back again. I didn't expect that something would happen to the Xu family. " She took a sip of the red wine.

"So you need me again." A deep smile flitted across Zac's handsome face.

"Don't you need me? Our Xu's Group is the largest partner of the Rong's Group. It's the best for you that I'm in charge of the Xu's Group. If it was another person who is in charge of the company, it's hard to say whether the partnership with Xu's Group will be broken up one day. " Essie slowly said.

"For me, family interests have always been the most important thing. No one can be compared with anything." Zac held up the wine glass in front of him. "Today I apologized to you for the bad behavior of my wife. I will definitely teach her well in the future. You are so kind and please don't take it too seriously. It has a bad influence on our cooperation." After that, he drained the cup with one gulp.

Essie smirked, giving out a malicious smile. "If I was killed by her, the Xu family would fall into the hands of Elizabeth. This is extremely disadvantageous to the Rong family. By that time, she will be the biggest sinner in the Rong family. I'm afraid that even you, the future governor, will be implicated. It was in violation of the first regulation of the seven prominent figures of the Rong family, which meant that Leila would be forced to divorce you and be expelled from the Rong family. You won't intercede for her unless you give up the position of the chief, will you? "

Zac sneered. "Do you need me to answer this question? I won't allow such a woman to destroy my family! "

"So she should be grateful that I'm still alive, or she would be the second unlucky person. Besides, her cousin is chasing after me. If I was killed by her. He must hate her to death. As the future head of the Qin family, he must hate her and try to get her out of this family. What a miserable ending it will be if she is kicked out by Rong family and can't return to Qin family. " Essie said and sighed heavily, as if she was sympathizing with some woman who might have suffered a lot.

Behind the screen, Leila was taken aback and shivered.copy right hot novel pub