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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 402 I'm Satisfied

"Blue Sea and Sunny Sky?" Essie was in a daze and thought, did Leila live there? It seemed that after such a long detour, she finally confirmed that Leila was the planner of the matter.

The news about Caroline had provoked much discussion in the city. It took a long time for Landis to get rid of her suspicion. It was easy for Leila to find out the information about Caroline on the Internet. Since Kent had posted her QQ account on Weibo, it was easy for her to get the information. By taking advantage of her doubt about the cause of her sister's death, and encouraging her anger, Leila can get rid of Landis' child with Caroline's hands. What a good idea!

How vicious Leila was.

Poor Kent was her scapegoat.

Essie learned from the chatting records that it was Leila's hint to ask Kent to start her work at the celebration party and put the drug into the champagne and make Essie to be suspected. Leila had already planned it well. As soon as Kent started to take action, she went to Landis' place to stir up trouble, and moved the goal to make Landis suspect and deal with Essie.

If she died in the hands of Landis, Zac would not let Landis go. In this case, both her love rivals were eliminated. Killing two birds with one stone.

It was an excellent idea.

She even wanted to applaud for Leila.

Unfortunately, nobody could predict what would happen. Essie wasn't hit by Landis and the bad luck didn't happen to her. It was the beginning of a change.

The next day, she called out Landis and told her what she had found.

Furiously, Landis pounded on the table with her fist and shouted, "it's indeed her! This fox is too cunning. She took advantage of the thing that had happened with Caroline to hurt me!"

"If she is not outstanding, how could she be Zac's wife?" "The war has just begun. I'm afraid that you will have a lot of things to do in the future. You have to be careful," Essie added.

"She killed my child. I won't spare her either. I don't have a child, and she can't have either. " Landis said angrily.

With helplessness and sadness written all over her face, Essie sighed, "I haven't contacted Zac often since I divorced him. I didn't expect that Leila still wouldn't let me go and even tried to get me involved."

Landis looked at Essie with sympathy, 'you are such a simple and coward woman with no fighting power. If she don't find you, who else can she find?'

"Since she wants us to suffer a loss at the same time, we can't let her be complacent. How about joining hands to deal with her?"

With a sincere look on her face, Landis held the hands of Essie in hers. Though this white lotus was not so powerful, she knew Zac well. It would be a great help for her to win his heart.

A sharp light flashed in Essie's eyes. She smiled faintly and said, "I have broken up with Zac. So we don't have to meet each other now. I can do nothing for you."

Landis raised the corners of her mouth, and a hint of deceitfulness began to surface on her face. She said, "it doesn't matter, you just need to support me mentally." It would be better if they didn't see each other. Was it possible that the old lover was back together? That would be dangerous.

"Of course I am on your side. I really hope that you can beat Leila. And it is a revenge for me," said Essie. She didn't intend to tell this to Zac. Anyway, Landis would surely cry out to him and he would know it.

As soon as Landis came out of the coffee shop, she went directly to the office of Zac. She was crying like a child. In order to comfort her wounded heart, Zac gave her a millions worth watch made of Patek Philippe.

Landis asked the paparazzi to take a big picture of her watch.

Leila was so angry that she tore the newspaper into pieces.

When Zac came back, she was lying prone on the sofa, crying loudly.

"You killed Landis' baby with Kent, and you accused Essie of doing it.copy right hot novel pub