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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 49 Be A House Slave

In the afternoon, Lucy and Bob went out to see houses.

In the meantime, Essie drew up a property agreement. It said, "After the marriage, all properties under our names will remain our own, including all real estate properties. After the divorce, neither of us will be allowed to take any property in the other's name."

Essie had thought that Zac would pull a long face when he read the agreement, but contrary to what she had expected, he remained as calm as a lake, with zero emotions on his face.

Were his face muscles stiff because of the stimulation?

She was extremely worried. To be honest, the last thing she wanted was to hurt his fragile ego, but his reaction was hard to predict. When it came to money, there were a lot of couples who ended up hurting each other, so she had to prepare for the future.

"Zac, I honestly don't mean anything by this. You see, there are a lot of couples who fight during their divorce over the division of their properties. They become enemies who end up trampling on the every last bit of their relationship. We bumped into each other by accident, so it's inevitable for us to get divorced one day. If we have already foreseen all possible disputes by then, then we'll be able to get along well with each other and continue to be friends. Don't you agree?" Essie made sure that her voice was tender and gentle.

Zac smiled. Essie was always very confused. But when it came to money, all the slumbering nerves in her brain would suddenly light up, and she would become smarter than ever. It was a good thing. She was not easy to deceive, but...

"Honey, that's not fair to you. I will leave all of my belongings with you, and I won't take a single thing from you. But why does this agreement say that I will take my belongings with me?"

Essie put her hand on her forehead. She actually felt dizzy from all this!

'Zac, what else do you have except for the clothes in your suitcase? You had nothing when we registered!' she thought to herself. All the money they would spend on buying the house was hers. And when they got divorced, Zac shouldn't be able to take even a note with him!

She chose her words carefully, and tried to put it in a more euphemistic way. "Zac, I never take advantage of others. All of your stuff belongs to you. You can take them all with you, without having to give me even a single piece of paper," she said with a gentle smile. Then she handed him the pen and asked him to sign his name on the agreement. To her surprise, Zac put the agreement into his pocket and said, "Leave it here and I'll sign it later."

"Well, don't delay it for too long. I need to hand this over to the notarization department." She pouted. If he insisted on fooling her, she would take his hand at night and force him to stamp while he was asleep!

Over the next few days, the entire family became busy with house hunting, but they couldn't find anything that was particularly satisfactory, either because of inconvenient transportation or the insufficient supporting facilities.

When weekend came, William arrived.

"Essie, Zac said that you are going to buy a house. My company has an apartment. Do you want to check it out?"

"Of course!" Essie said. With a sparkle in her eyes, Essie thought, 'There must be some special discount for members of the company!'

They drove up to the Legendary at the upscale residential area in the city center.

Before they could even get out of the car, Essie already felt upset. She knew for a fact that the average price in that area was 80,000 dollars, and there was no way they'd be able to afford it even with a discount. They mostly looked for houses in the high-end buildings in the suburbs.copy right hot novel pub