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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 399 You Are Bad In Bed

"Essie, you are just a loser. It was said that chicken ribs were of much value. But you are worse than that, and you should be left in the trash can. Zac had told me that he didn't want to see you again. You are not only bad in bed, but also in bad shape. You are as flat as a piece of wood, which is not suitable for touch and not interesting to play. He also said that he wanted to divorce you and marry me a long time ago. But for the sake of your identity as the daughter of Xu family, he didn't want to hurt you, so he has delayed this divorce... "

Leila's voice kept resounding in the air like firecrackers. She was so angry. She was going to transfer all her anger to Essie.

Landis looked at them jokingly. She had fought back enough just now, but now it was time for Essie to continue.

But Essie didn't make any response. She was as calm as water, as if she didn't hear what Leila said at all. She stared at Landis' pink sports car and said, "pink sports car is so beautiful. Landis, you like pink, right?" Essie didn't respond at all, as if she was deliberately changing the topic.

After taking a short pause, Landis answered, "Yeah, I like pink best." She nodded.

Essie sighed, "he is really nice to you. I like pink too, but he never paid attention to it. Even the color of the ring is purple. I think he must like you very much. Only when he is in love with the person he likes will he pay attention to her likes and dislikes. Now that you lost your baby, he will surely make it up to you double. If I guess correctly, you will have your baby soon. "

Essie exaggerated herself to the lowest point and held Landis to the highest point, as if she was echoing Leila's words, but it was actually a kickback. In the meantime, she had pulled Landis, who had been counting on this, into the alliance, so that she could take advantage of Landis to defeat her enemies.

Landis' heart was in the air. She felt good and excited, flying to the clouds. But Leila seemed to be hurt and burst into anger.

"He just sent you a pink sports car. You're so imaginative. Zac only cares about me, and the other women are only toys in his eyes. Once he gets tired of them, he will kick them into the trash can."

"You are wrong." Essie shook her head and sighed. She sighed in a very serious and vague way, which seemed that her heart was full of pain. She continued, "although you were his first love and you've known each other for a long time, only those who share the same bed with him can see the true thoughts of a man clearly. As a couple, we share the same table, eat and sleep together. It can be said that up to now, no one knows him better than I do. "

She paused, swallowing, and continued, "he really fell in love with Landis this time. William told me that after learning that Landis had an abortion, Zac cried in his office extremely sadly. A man as resolute as him would never shed tears. When I lost my child, he was not so sad. Someone like him only shows his true color to the one who cherishes most. "

Hearing that Landis was overjoyed, she was moved. Tears of joy rolled in her eyes. She really didn't expect that Zac would like her so much. After the child was gone, she was so afraid that he would abandon her and ignore her. She didn't expect him to treat her better than before.

No wonder Essie was his first wife. She knew him so well.copy right hot novel pub