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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 48 Fifty-fifty

After taking a bath, she clad herself in clothes that covered her whole body. There was no way she would wear something revealing. Exposing skin would only compel the big bad wolf to attack her.

Then, she took out the thumping pillow from the closet and put it in the middle of the bed, making a demarcation line. "Let's share the bed fifty-fifty and restrain from crossing the line, okay?"

Holding the back of his head with his hands, Zac leaned against the head of the bed in a lazy and evil manner. "Honey, mom and dad just told me that we should hurry up and give them a grandchild."

Essie rolled her eyes and said, "Why are you taking their words so seriously? We are not a real couple. We already made a mistake so it is time to rectify them, rather than make more!"

He lifted the corners of his mouth gracefully, and his eyes began to shine. "Let's make more mistakes together. It is fun to make mistakes with you. I want to be responsible for you.'"

"But guess what? I want to sort things out and live a normal life. And thank you for your offer, but I don't want you to take any kind of responsibility," replied Essie.

"Okay, how about I have some fun and leave without taking any responsibility?" Zac smiled devilishly with an intention to scare her.

She was speechless. Every time they had a battle of words, she had trouble gaining the upper hand. Zac was well adept at making people speechless. He had a vicious tongue!

She glared at him, turned her back to him, and pretended to be asleep!

With a wolf beside, she had expected an uneasy and sleepless night. But surprisingly, she felt comfortable and inexplicably reassured. In a matter of seconds, she was in a deep slumber.

Hearing her light and steady breathing, a warm smile appeared on his face. He threw away the pillow that was separating her from him and engulfed her within his arms.

Her silky hair let out a mild and pleasant fragrance. Her skin was as smooth as silk. This close proximity with this beautiful brought relief to his mind and body. Zac who was repulsed by the idea of being close to a woman was now dying for this woman's closeness.

While he was immersed in the process of admiring her, she seemed to feel his touch. She changed her sleeping position.

He closed his eyes, trying to relish this moment. In fact, it was quite comfortable sleeping with her.

After half an hour, Essie, who was used to sleeping alone, felt something hard on her back. Worriedly, she looked around for the pillow.copy right hot novel pub