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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 396 How Could They Be The Best Match Couple

She gave the video to her younger brother Holy, "Holy, help me take down the champagne from the video and magnify it."

"Okay." Holy nodded and brought the laptop. Soon, he processed the photos as she ordered.

"Eva, see? What was Landis's assistant, Kent doing there?" Essie said, pointing at the screen.

"She put her left hand into the pocket." Eva widened her eyes to check it carefully. She didn't know what was going on, but she was sure that Essie must have found something.

In the second photo, Kent pulled her hand out of her pocket. It seemed that she was holding something in her finger. Then, Essie asked Holy to magnify the photo, and they saw it clearly. It was a white pill.

In the third photo, Kent put the pill into the champagne glass at the far left of the second floor. And from the following photos, it could be seen that she gave the cup of champagne to Landis.

At that time, everyone was standing in front of the champagne tower and no one noticed her small movements. The camera was on her left and recorded the whole scene.

"It was Kent who drugged Landis!" Eva was shocked.

"It turns out that you must have to have a good relationship with your assistant, or she will betray you at any time." Essie sighed.

"Kate and I are good friends. She will never betray me." Eva was not worried about this kind of thing at all.

Essie smiled again and looked thoughtfully at the computer screen. It was well known that Landis had a weird temper and was not good at her assistant. However, Kent was new here and she had only stayed with her for a few days. Therefore, she believed that there was no deep hatred between them. She shouldn't hate her so much to drug her to miscarry, unless...

"Should we tell Landis about this?" While she was thinking, Eva asked.

"Of course we have to say it. But first we have to find out why she did it. If she only takes money to help others relief the disaster, it is useless to just get her out. We have to get the person behind the scenes as well," Essie said.

Although Zac didn't want to pursue it anymore, she couldn't pretend nothing had happened. Leila threw the bad water on her. As long as the murderer was not found out, she would be suspected. Now since she got the clue, she must follow it up to find out who was behind all this and clear her name.

At the same time, she was going to give Leila a hard blow and let her know that she was not someone to be trifled with. If anyone dared to attack her, she would certainly fight back. She would definitely fight fire with fire.

Eva nodded. The next day, she went to Sino Star to collect the files of Kent as the instruction of Essie.

Essie gave her ID card and bank account to Holy and asked him to enter the bank system for investigation. To her surprise, there was no big amount of money for recent months.

Essie was puzzled again. Was she wrong? This had nothing to do with Leila. It was Kent's own behavior. And Leila was just using it to give her a blow?

She raised her hand and rested her chin on her hand. After thinking carefully for a while, she decided to have a talk with Kent.

She picked up her cell phone and called Landis. It never occurred to her that Kent would be quit the second day after she checked in the hospital.

"Landis, how about we have some tea this afternoon? I have something to tell you," she said in a low voice and hung up. It seemed that Kent had planned it for a long time. She must be hiding now.copy right hot novel pub