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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 392 A Fabricated Charge (Part One)

"Miss Yi, be careful!" The bodyguards quickly pulled her up the stairs. The sports car passed by, but the speed of the car didn't decrease. The driver seemed to want to escape, but unfortunately, a car just appeared at the entrance of the parking lot and blocked his way.

The car screeched to a halt with an emergency brake, nearly bumping into the car in front.

When the security guard on guard saw this, he hurriedly put down the boom gate.

The bodyguards quickly caught up and surrounded the black car.

The driver was wearing a cap, sunglasses and mask, so it was hard to see his face clearly. The security guard grabbed the iron spanner from the box and smashed it at the window. "Get out! Otherwise, I will break the window." Since the boss was here, he must perform well. If he do it well, he might get a promotion and a pay rise.

The driver looked back and forth and found the situation was not good to him. There was a car in front and he wanted to retrieve the car. The bodyguard in charge of driving behind drove the car in time to block the way. If the security guards really smashed the car, the glass would splash all over the place and the person in it would be disfigured.

After thinking for a while, she opened the door and got out of the car.

The bodyguard took off her sunglasses and hat. When Essie recognized who the person was, she asked in surprise, "Landis, why are you here?"

"So what? You killed my child. I want you to pay for it." Landis said through gritted teeth.

Essie was shocked, she didn't expect that the fire of war would spread to her. She lowered her voice and ordered the bodyguard, "Take her to my office." This was not the right place to talk.

The bodyguard pulled Landis into the building and took the elevator all the way to Essie's office.

"What are you doing?" There was a hint of panic on Landis's face. 'It is as easy as rolling off a log if Essie is trying to kill me. Besides, she could easily fake some evidence to prove that I fell down from the building.copy right hot novel pub