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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 387 Are You Bisexual

"Will your family's interests be compromised if you speak for me?" Leila felt like she was kicked into an ice hole because of the cold air. It was too cold to feel any warmth.

Zac was not in a hurry to answer her question. He took a sip of the tea and asked slowly, "Tell me, if there is a conflict between the Qin family and the Rong family, who will you stand by?"

Leila bit her lips and whispered, "I won't help anyone, okay?"

"No way!" Zac said simply.

"Why?" she asked in confusion. Staying neutral was the best choice for her.

"If you, as the hostess of the Rong family, can't maintain the interests of the Rong family wholeheartedly, you are not qualified to be in this position." Zac said in a cold and cruel tone. "The reason why the elders ask you to renounce with Qin family is that there are always fights between our family and Qin family in the business field. However, no matter who is right or wrong, you must unconditionally stand in the position of the Rong family and protect the interests of the family wholeheartedly, even if it requires you to do something harmful to Qin family. You can't refuse our family affairs."

Leila couldn't help but shiver. When she was determined to marry Zac, the Qin couple had only one request. She could be neutral in the conflict between the two families, but she could not do anything to damage the interests of the Qin family. Otherwise, she would not be part of the Qin family anymore.

Power and business conflicts were always cruel. As a member of a wealthy family, they could only survive in honor as partners or destroyed as enemies. Whether it was the internal strife or the external strife, a great clan's century old business would be destroyed in a day. Therefore, everyone placed great importance to the interests and unity of the family, especially the overlord and the hostess of the family, and they could not be blurred at all.

But Leila didn't know much about the real situation. The Qin couple ranked the third in their family, not a family member. They worked for the Qin group, and they protected their children well, without letting them be contaminated by power struggle. Therefore, unlike Essie, Leila didn't know the cruelty of power struggle. It was inevitable that she was naive and stupid. She was also not as righteous as Essie, who was willing to give up her own interests for the sake of family interests.

The two seniors of the Rong family and Albert were people experienced thousands of conflicts in both power and business circles. They had a good understanding of people and things. They didn't take Leila as their good daughter-in-law. Only Essie qualified.

"Zac, please give me some time. I will think it over," Leila said perfunctorily. She still put her hope on her future baby. Or that was her last straw. She wanted to get pregnant first. And everything could be considered later on.

The next day, the antidote was sent to the hospital by a deaf and mute person. He didn't read a book, neither did he write, and he only knew how to recognize money. It must take a lot of work to find such a person, and the accomplices behind the scenes are extremely cunning.

Of course, Essie was not aware of that. She went to the hospital with William.

The antidote injection needed to be tested and drawn in the lab. After the result was sure that there was no problem with it, the antidote injection was injected into Essie's body.

"Mrs. Rong, are you going to the company or home?" William asked.

Essie smiled again and said, "William, we have known each other for so long, so you don't have to be so restrained to be with me. Besides, I have divorced your boss, not your boss's wife. You can call me Essie from now on."

William nodded. Since his boss was not here, he didn't care how he called her.

On the way back, she heard a joke from him.copy right hot novel pub