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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 384 I Won't Let You Die (Part One)

In this world, the law of the jungle is cruel. The weak one was afraid of the tough one, while the tough was afraid of the ruthless and the ruthless was scared of the convict. If a person was desperate to fight with you, the result would be that both sides were hurt and no one would get any benefit from it.

"Things are not that serious. Uncle Bles will take care of you. After all, we are family. Even if there are contradictions, we can solve it inside, and cannot let outsiders take the advantage of the discord." He showed an extremely kind attitude.

"Thank you, uncle Bles. I know you are an understanding and kind man." A smile spread across Essie's face. She began to be aware of something secret.

In the evening, she went to the villa of Jade Mountain, where Zac had been waiting for her for a long time.

She told him everything about Bles's visit.

"He should be here to sound out the information. He probably wanted to see if I know anything about his smuggling," she said thoughtfully.

"You don't need to point it out. Cutting off his wealth is a kind of warning to him. He is an old fox, and he knows what to do." A deep sneer emerged on the corners of Zac's mouth.

Essie nodded slightly and said with a sweet smile, "I can lead a comfortable life with your help." Anyway, Zac was the only person who could offer her the most direct help. If he really didn't have this relationship with her, she would lose her arms.

Zac reached out his hand and held her into his arms. "You should know that I'm never willing to help others. No matter what I've done, I always ask for reward.copy right hot novel pub