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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 46 Whose Car Did You Get On

"What did you buy?" His voice was still eerily calm, just like the waves before a big storm, solemn and slow. She thought for a moment and remembered that she had told him that she would go to the supermarket. She waved her hand dismissively and said, "The fruit wasn't fresh, so I decided not to buy any."

"Did you forget your wallet?" Zac snorted before grabbing the wallet from the table and throwing it at her.

"Yes— Yes, I forgot my wallet." Embarrassed, Essie scratched her head and bit her lip. She forced herself to smile and pretended to be calm. Then, she said, "Where are we going to have dinner tonight?"

"Wherever," Zac replied faintly.

She raised her eyebrows and glanced at him. She had a feeling that there was something wrong with him. Even though he had a blank expression on his face, there seemed to be some coldness hidden in his eyes. He looked so cold that she could not help but tremble.

"How about the porridge shop? Over there..." Before she could even finish her words, Zac turned around and entered the room. Then he slammed the door behind him with so much force that the entire house seemed to tremble.

Something was definitely wrong.

Perhaps he was angered by what happened in aunt Wendy's house that morning.

Zac was a man who was good at hiding his thoughts. Her aunt's words were immensely mean and hurtful, so even though he was pretending to be calm, his self-esteem may be deeply hurt.

Essie knew that she needed to comfort him.

So she immediately walked up to his door and knocked.

When nobody answered, she said, "Zac, please don't take my aunt's words to heart. She has always had a sharp tongue. We are still young and our career is just starting. It's normal for us to not have a house and a car of our own. You are a very smart person.copy right hot novel pub