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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 383 The Political Marriage (Part Two)

Zac was a thoughtful man. He had done a thorough investigation of South Africa and prepared her for everything. The old mayor, who had gotten off the stage, was not in favor of him at all. It was pointless no matter how good they built the relationship with him.

Bles was rendered speechless when he saw that his words had been replied with justified reason. His face darkened as he said, "Mr. Li called me yesterday. He said he wanted to stay in South Africa for a year. He wanted to earn more money for the baby. Could you keep him there for one more year?"

"Are Mr. Li familiar with you, uncle Bles?" Essie said.

"No, we met each other several times when he was in China before," Bles waved his hand and equivocated.

"Really?" Essie raised her eyebrows, revealing her confused. "Perhaps he still remembers uncle Bles vividly. Otherwise, he didn't even report to me on such an important matter, instead he report to you."

Sensing the skepticism in her words, Bles's eyes flickered slightly. He explained hurriedly, "Previously, your daddy asked me to run the Millennium Group for a while. At that time, he was only a department manager. He often went to report work to me and was more familiar with me. You took office recently and he is in South Africa. He can't help but feel a little nervous since he hasn't seen you. So he wants to have a talk with me and learn more about the group."

With a nod, Essie hid her doubtful look and pretended to believe what he said. "He won't be back so soon. He has to assist the new CEO to hand over his work.copy right hot novel pub