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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 382 The Political Marriage (Part One)

"It's so rare for you to be so open-minded." Mandy gave her a fake smile. She took a sip of tea and got down to business. "Are you really not going to have dinner with Bles tonight?"

"If Bles want to catch up on the old days, I will prepare the best Longjing tea for him in my office tomorrow." Essie said with a mischievous smile.

Mandy knew that she couldn't invite this honorable lady to dinner today, so she had to go back and tell Bles the truth. If he was rejected again, he must fly into a rage.

As the saying went, 'be careful is the best strategy'. Now, Essie was very cautious. She wouldn't accept any invitation from Elizabeth or Bles. It was hard to predict if these two old foxes would set any trap to attract her into it. And she wouldn't trust them anymore.

Of course, Bles couldn't refuse to see her this time. He arrived at the Hengyuan building before noon the next day.

"You are too busy to have dinner with me." He maintained a gentle smile on his face.

"I'm really sorry, uncle Bles. I've been busy lately, and I have to attend a lot of social activities." She smiled and asked her secretary to prepare the best Longjing tea.

After they sat on the sofa face to face, Essie handed the tea to Bles respectfully. After all, he was her uncle, so she had to show her respect to him.

"Uncle Bles, I know you like the Longjing tea the most, so I prepared this West Lake Longjing tea for you. It's of extraordinary quality. Please have some and see how does it taste?"

His face darkened as he said, "So you must know I'll come."

"Since the new year, we haven't seen each other. As a junior, I should visit you in person. But I'm too busy with the business of the group and have too many social engagements to spare time in a short time," Essie said in a polite way. She couldn't compete with Bles regarding to cunning and scheming.copy right hot novel pub