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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 371 A Secret Affair

He felt a tight grip on his body and the skin, which was held tight with her, turned warm instantly.

His body had no special feeling in front of other women, but when she inadvertently touched him, his sensitive nerves immediately responded.

"I promised that I wouldn't touch you tonight. But if you want to make a scene, I have to go back on my words." His throat seemed to be hurt by fire, and his voice became very hoarse.

She gave a cold shiver, as if she had been pressed on a pause button, and she stopped wriggling instantly. She even dared not breathe too hard for fear of burning her body.

"Well... Let's sit down and drink the frozen juice together. " To rain down the fire!

He took a deep breath and loosened his arm. She rushed downstairs and took out two bottles of juice from the fridge. She must put out the fire in time, otherwise it would become a big fire.

Taking a glance at her, Zac wore an unusual smile at the corners of his mouth, which looked more like a silent sigh.

He took the juice and sat down on the sofa to take a gulp. He needed to calm down and vent his anger.

This woman kept a lukewarm relationship, which almost drove him crazy.

A silence fell between them.

The room fell into silence. It was so quiet that she could almost hear the heavy breath of the person beside her. After a long time, she asked in a low voice, "are you really not going to marry Leila?" The voice was as weak as a night wind blowing from the window.

"No, I don't." Said Zac decisively and firmly.

"What if Leila insists? Although she is not the biological daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Qin, she grew up in Qin family. They can't let her suffer any grievance. " She said thoughtfully.

"Daddy put forward a condition that she must sever the relationship with Qin family in order to be a member of our family." Said Zac, who leaned against the sofa and looked solemn and unfathomable.

"It is grateful of her upbringing. How could she sever the relationship with the Qin family? Besides, the Qin family is not only her mother's family, but also her backer. She is going to break up with the Qin family. Who will protect her in the future? " Essie shook her head. She couldn't help but feel sorry for Leila. Marrying Zac was the only way out for her now. She was stubborn and reckless. If she carried on her revenge regardless of the consequences, she would not only lose the whole family, but also be heartbroken to pieces.

"So, if I marry her, there will be a great war between our two families." Zac shrugged.

Essie turned her black apricot eyes twice and said with a light smile, "your mommy told me that all your family liked Leila very much. She was elegant, sensible and much better than a countrywoman like me. You two are so different from each other. Who should I believe? "

There was a fire in the eyes of Zac. Why did his mommy always make troubles for him? Why did she beat up a couple?

"Aren't you genius with the IQ of over 160? You make the right judgment on whom to believe in this kind of thing. " He said casually. From her calm expression, he knew that she believed him. Otherwise, she would have frowned and glared at him.

She pouted, leaned to the back of the sofa and took a sip of juice. "Recently, the brain capacity has exceeded memory, so my intelligence is short and I don't have time to check it. Therefore, I can't judge whether it is running normally or not."

"I can help you fix it." Zac's handsome face was so close to Essie's that Essie could feel his. His body was full of magical male hormone, which disturbed her breathing and made her head dizzy, as if she was drunk.

She quickly turned her face and moved towards the window to let the cool wind come in and help her keep calm and rational.

"Zac, Leila was your first love of your childhood. You let others have sex with her, and even forced her to break up with the Qin family. Are you too cruel?" She tried to break the ice.

He loved Leila, but now he treated her in such a strange way.copy right hot novel pub