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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 368 Damn It

"There is no reason for you to like someone. I can't stop loving her. Even after knowing that she is Zac's wife, I can't force myself not to love her. I'm not going to be in charge of the Rong family in the future. My wife has nothing to do with anyone else. It has nothing to do with the Rong family. Please don't stop me. Please! "

Walt was almost begging her. He had always been obedient since childhood and never disobeyed her. But this time, he seemed not to compromise.

Mary sighed with profound resignation. She didn't want her son to blame her and their relationship had become stiff. Her existence was just to drive a wedge between Essie and her two sons, in case that Essie should not sabotage their mother son relationship.

"Let's talk about it later. If you two are destined to be together, I can't interfere." She temporized. Anyway, it was not settled yet, and she would secretly find a way to stop them. She would not let this tramp stay in the Rong family.

"Thank you, mommy." Walt was glad to hear that. He thought she had let it go.

In the downstairs, Essie had cooked black fish soup. As soon as Walt went downstairs, he was attracted by the appetizing smell on the table.

"It smells good. I'm hungry," Said Walt obsequiously, licking his lips like a child.

This black fish that Essie bought was big enough for three of them. She filled three bowls of fish for them, but Mary just glanced at it indifferently and didn't sit down. "I don't like eating black fish. You eat it yourselves."

"Mommy, this soup is fresh and delicious than our home-made food. Do you really not want to drink a little?" Said Walt.

"We have cordon bleu at home. How can she compare with them? The stink of fish is terrible." Mary covered her nose with the handkerchief as she spoke.

"It's not fishy at all." Said Walt with a smile.

Mary wanted to break the bones with the egg, but just let her do it. Essie didn't want to waste time on her. Essie picked up the bowl in front of her and poured the soup into the jars. Then she looked at Walt with a smile. "After you drink up the soup, I'll put some noodles in it and then cook a pot of black fish soup noodles."

"Okay, I haven't had the noodles with black fish soup." Walt smiled happily. He really hoped that he could get along with Essie like this every day.

Mary could do nothing but sulk alone. She didn't want to see Essie live happily. Every time she saw her smile, she felt heartbroken.

"Our family will hold the wedding ceremony very soon. These two days, I am discussing the wedding date of Zac and Leila with your grandparents. After the wedding date is decided, we will begin to prepare." Mary said this on purpose to make Essie feel frustrated. Moreover, she had succeeded. Hearing that, Essie couldn't help but have a heartache.

Although she and Zac had registered, but they never held the wedding ceremony. Now, Zac was going to walk into the church hand in hand with another woman. When she thought of that scene, her heart ached as if it was tightly tied by a rope.

However, she did not show it. Her face was calm. She just drank the soup slowly, as if this matter had nothing to do with her.

Seeing this, Mary was quite unhappy. Essie should be upset about her younger son's marrying. The more upset she was, the happier Mary was.copy right hot novel pub