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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 365 Narrow Escape From Death

The door was slightly open. The bodyguard gently pushed the door open. The weak light shone in through the broken glass window and cast a long shadow on the ground.

Essie took out the lipstick gun from her pocket and unlocked it.

The man inside turned around as soon as he heard the noise. Essie was about to shoot at him, but she stopped when she saw the familiar face.

"Brother, why are you here?" She was stunned.

Walt was also shocked. "Essie? Are you here for Liam as well?"

"How do you know him?" Essie asked.

"In the past few days, I have been looking for the person who attacked you that day. When I got the news that Liam had a snake tattoo on his wrist, I came over," Walt said.

"Is the motorcycle outside yours?" Essie asked.

Walt nodded. "I've just arrived, but there's no one here. I wonder if he ran away after receiving the news," he said. He took out an ultra-realistic replicas mask from the desk and asked said, "I found this in his closet. Does it look like the face that attacked you that day?"

Essie took a closer look at it and exclaimed, "Yes, that's it. It seems that Liam attacked me."

"Keep looking. Maybe we can find other clues," Walt said. Together with the bodyguards, he began to look into the room.

Essie flipped the sheet and found a wooden case under the bed. She immediately asked the bodyguard to bring it out. The box was unlocked. When the bodyguard opened it, there was a click sound coming from inside.

Walt pulled the red strip on the top and opened his eyes wide, "It is a time bomb! Get out!" He shouted, grabbed the hands of Essie, and rushed out of the room, followed closely by the bodyguards.

Then they heard an earth shattering sound coming from behind. Walt hugged Essie to protect her with his body and then fell to the ground. A strong impact wave swept towards them with rolling dust debris, completely covering them.

Two bodyguards outside rushed in.

Because of the impact of the bomb, both Walt and the other two bodyguards were injured. Fortunately, it was only a minor wound, and it was not serious. Thanks to his body protection, Essie was not injured.

The bodyguards called an ambulance and sent them to the hospital.

"Brother, I'm sorry. You got hurt because of me." Essie felt really sorry for the wound on Walt's back.

"It's none of your business. If I'm not wrong, the start-up of the time bomb should be connected to the lid of the box. As soon as the bodyguard opened the box, the bomb began. He must have known that we would come here, so he set up the trap," Walt said thoughtfully, with his eyebrows twisted in anger.

"He is so cunning." Essie snorted. She wouldn't let go of this bastard easily if she caught him.

"From now on, let your men do it. Don't take the risk by yourself, understand?" Walt touched her head, with a loving and worried expression on his face.

"Brother, please don't step in. I don't want you to be in danger because of me." She lowered her eyes again.

"Didn't you say that if anyone could help you find him, you would be dating with him?" Walt said in a low voice, a tender light flashing across his face.

After a short pause, Essie asked, "You... You did that for this?"

"I don't want you to date with other people," Walt said in a low but clear voice.

With her eyes wide open, Essie asked in astonishment and confusion, "Are you doing this for Zac?" She couldn't think of any other reason.

A wry smile tugged at the corner of Walt's mouth.copy right hot novel pub