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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 363 Settle The Problem

She struggled desperately, beating and kicking him, trying to escape, but it was useless. In front of him, a strong demon, she was always a weak lamb. All her resistance was in vain, and at last she was eaten up by him.

"Zac, you bastard, shameless, brute, we have divorced," she protested weakly, tears dripping with the sweat soaked the hair of her forehead.

"You have to remember that you are mine. If you forget, I will come to help you strengthen your memory," he threatened.

She thought to herself, 'Does he mean that he will come and plunder me from time to time?'

Why? He had married another woman. Why didn't he let her go?

"You are so horrible."

"If you are afraid of me, then behave yourself and don't make me angry." He gave a sinister and evil smile.

"Devil." She took a deep breath again and again. She had no strength to resist. What she could do was to digest all the grievances. She looked out of the window and found that it was already dark. She suddenly remembered that she was going to have an afternoon tea with Mili. In a hurry, she picked up her cell phone and dialed her number.

"Mommy, we have been waiting for you for a long time. You haven't come yet, so we have to eat something and go back," Mili said in a sweet voice over the phone.

"Isn't it June Pavilion?"

"May Pavilion. Alas, did I write something wrong in my message?"

Hearing that, Essie didn't know whether she should laugh or cry. It had never occurred to her that it was the trap of a daughter and a father had set for her. She just thought that she went to the wrong place and happened to bump into the territory of Zac's, as a result she was pulled in by him.

"I'm going back." She picked up the scattered clothes on the carpet and put them on.

Zac strode forward and hugged her from behind. "You little fool, I'll keep my integrity and come back clean. Don't believe it no matter what video or gossip you see or hear in the future, okay?"

"Do you mean the gossips between you and Landis?" she blurted out.

"There might not just be Landis. There might be others. Please don't believe it." He had to give her a heads up first.

She couldn't understand him at all. Her mind seemed to be glued by his words. What was he talking about? And what was he doing?

Before she could figure out what was going on, he pulled her over and demanded, Honey, you must stay away from what happened in America."

"Which... Which kind of thing?" She was confused.

"The things with Hanson." He looked gloomy. "I'll only forgive you for once. If you dare to make the same mistake again, I'll throw you to a desert island and imprison you for life," He almost said it through gritted teeth.

She was overwhelemed with rage. She knew what he was referring to. He always thought Mili and Dot were the kids she and Hanson had given birth in America.

It was just because he couldn't accept the truth that he forced himself to forget her unconsciously after he passed out.

But now, he said he had forgiven her!

How could he forgive such a serious thing?

It was unbelievable!

Even an ordinary man would not accept his wife to have a baby with another man, let alone an arrogant king like him! This was a serious issue that was related to men's dignity and face.

"Can you really forgive me?"

"You are a brainless fool.copy right hot novel pub