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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 359 Finally Saw Daddy

"The relationship between adults is too complicated." Dot shook his head.

"It seems that I have to do it myself to get daddy back." Mili said in a serious tone, arms akimbo.

"No, Mommy said we couldn't let daddy see us." Dot waved his hand.

"Yes, he can't see you. You look so much like him. When he sees you, he will know that we are his children. But it doesn't matter to me. I look like mommy, but only a little like him. So he can't recognize me. " Mili said with no worry.

"What are you going to do next?" Dot cocked his eyebrows. He was worried about her sister.

Mili said, her beautiful big eyes blinking. A hint of slyness flashed through her eyes.

In the Emperor Building, holding Pana's hand, Mili ran inside excitedly. She would see her "bad" daddy soon.

"Hello, beautiful sister. I will go upstairs to find my daddy." She walked to the front desk and said politely.

Hearing the word "beautiful sister", the receptionist smiled and thought, 'who is this child? She is so sweet and really pleasing.' She bent over and asked with a smile, "little girl, what's your daddy's name and which department is he in?"

"His last name is Zac. He is the president of your company."

The receptionist was shocked. It was CEO's daughter! But they only heard that the CEO had a son, but not a daughter.

"Little sister, are you sure? Your father is really called Zac. "

"Yes, my mommy's name is Essie, and she has the other name Cathy. She's his ex-wife. They just divorced. To be exact, he's my ex-daddy." Mili said seriously.

The receptionist widened her eyes. It turned out that the CEO and his ex-wife had a very beautiful daughter. What a shocking gossip!

She called the people in the CEO office to bring them to the office.

"Mr. Zac is having a meeting. Please wait for a moment." The secretary came over with fruits and desserts.

"Thank you." Mili said politely.

She was indeed a lady from a rich and powerful family, beautiful, noble, elegant and generous! The Secretary sighed in her heart.

"Beautiful sister, when my daddy comes here, please don't tell him I'm here. I want to give him a surprise."

"Okay." The Secretary nodded with a smile. She was very happy to be called the beautiful sister. Her little princess was not only beautiful, but also very sweet.

After she left, Mili began to "roam in the office." She had thought daddy's office was the largest but it was larger. She was almost exhausted after she ran all the way up and down.

She climbed onto Zac's bench and sat down, eating snacks while checking the picture on the table.

It's mommy!

Daddy's photo frame was full of mommy, and there was no bad woman in it. That meant daddy didn't love that bad woman!

While thinking, her small mouth cracked into a happy smile.

When Zac came into the office, she was playing table football in the entertainment room. When she heard a door pushing sound next door, she knew that he was back. She let Pana wait in the entertainment room and went to see him.copy right hot novel pub