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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 42 A Date Or Exploitation

To be honest, Essie had never imagined that her first date would be with Zac, let alone in the Ferris wheel.

Listening to the relaxing music, looking down at the charming night scene below and enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner, made her almost forget that this was not a real date.

Zac cut a piece of steak and fed it into her mouth.

"It's delicious!" She smiled brightly, and the dimples on her cheeks rippled under the candlelight. Her eyes were filled with joy and innocence. Zac couldn't help but spoil her a little more. After eating dinner, she looked at him with a playful smile and asked, "Zac, do you often use this trick to deceive women?"

He smiled beautifully and replied, "You are so silly and easy to please. I haven't met a woman as foolish as you."

She wrinkled her nose and stuck out her tongue. "I won't be deceived by you. I have an excellent pair of eyes."

He took a sip of champagne and said in a relaxed tone, "You know, no matter how smart or fast a rabbit is, it can't escape a lion!" He grinned at her confidently.

'Not necessarily!' Essie thought to herself. An idea came to her mind. Her beautiful eyes sparkled like stars falling into the lake.

With a sly smile, she stood up and approached him. He stared at her curiously and was shocked when she sat on his lap seductively. Meeting his gaze, her forefinger touched his forehead lightly and swam along his tall nose to his thin lips. Her feather touch sent shivers down his spine.

The night wind blew her dark hair and gently stroked his face. He quivered a little as if an electric shock had run through him momentarily. Enchanted by her sweet smell, he could not help reaching out to hold her.

Time seemed to stand still at that moment.

He stared at her beautiful face without blinking. His eyes seemed to be lit up by candlelight, burning, with a strange and profound light.

In the light, there was only her shadow, as if there was only her in his world. The bright moon, the stars, the beautiful scenery, and everything in the world were suddenly forgotten. Only the two of them existed in that moment.

She smiled enchantingly as her finger continued to move down. It stopped on his solid chest, and slowly drew circles.copy right hot novel pub