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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 355 She Was No Longer His Wife

When Essie woke up, her family and friends were all in the ward. She was missing the person she wanted to see most.

"Essie, you finally wake up. I was scared to death." Lucy said while wiping away her tears.

"Where are the kids?" She said in a weak voice.

"Hanson and Pana are taking care of them. I didn't tell them about your hospitalization," Said Bob.

Essie nodded and looked out of the door unconsciously. Where was Zac? Why isn't he here? She missed him so much. She had dreamed so many things. All of them were about what happened when they were young. She knew that those were not illusory, but the memories she had lost.

He wouldn't refuse to see her. He must have left for some urgent matter. He was always busy. There might be an emergency in his company.

She comforted herself.

But the next day, the third day, the forth day, the fifth day... She couldn't see him. Only William had come to ask her about the killer.

Today was the day she was discharged from the hospital, but there was no smile on her face, only despair and sadness.

Lucy could see what her daughter was thinking. "He won't come." She said in a low voice and took out a divorce certificate from her bag. "He divorced you when you were in a coma, and married another woman."

She had experienced a violent spasm all over her body. "That's impossible, that's impossible!" She was almost screaming, because the words on the marriage license pierced her eyes, and tore her heart apart. No wonder that he was the most powerful man in Dragon City. He could even get a divorce without his wife's help.

But why did he choose at this time? Even if he had forgotten everything, even if he had never liked her or even hated her, he should wait for her to wake up and put an end to this marriage clearly!

Tears gushed out of her eyes, like the flood of a gate, which could not be stopped.

"Don't be sad. It's all right. Anyway, you will end up with him sooner or later. Short pain is better than long pain." Lucy sighed.

"Who did he marry?" Feeling like crying, Essie asked with a lisp.

"Leila." Lucy said in a low voice, which sounded like a violent wind stirring up great waves in her heart.

It was her!

It must have been in his mind a long time ago that he wanted to marry her. Maybe he was right. He had never loved her. He took the bullet for her out of instinct.

He had been in love with Leila ever since. She was just a substitute, a substitute to satisfy his needs.

He must have thought that she was unconscious and useless, so he divorced her. You're indeed the most cold-blooded person, cold-blooded and ruthless.

She would not waste her time or energy to deal with such a person.

From now on, they were just strangers. She didn't need him. Without him, she could still support the Xu's Group.

A cold and determined look ruffled her eyes. She bit her lips and stopped crying. She took a tissue to wipe away all the tears on her cheeks. "Mom, I'm fine. Let's go. I don't want to stay here any longer."

In the shadow of the inpatient building, Zac had been standing for a long time. His heart trembled when he saw her walking out slowly.

He really wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her to tell her how much he missed her. He missed her crazily, and he was also worried about her. He was so worried that he lost his appetite and couldn't fall asleep at night.

Unconsciously, he stepped forward and took it back painfully.copy right hot novel pub