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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 354 Marry The Mistress

"As for Essie, she is in charge of the Xu's Group now, which is the best for me and the Rong's Group. I can't let anything happen to her." His tone became very light, like a breeze.

"Is that the reason?" Leila's face softened.

"For me, the interests of Rong family is always put in the first place. If you want to be my wife, please remember this." Said Zac in a deep and powerful voice.

"I will keep that in mind." Leila smiled.

It was getting dark.

When everyone was asleep, Zac was still by the side of Essie. He was a total idiot. Essie was treasure that he cherished most and he would be willing to protect her with his life. As long as she could be well, he was willing to do anything.

"I promise you that I will only marry you in my lifetime. I will keep my words. Just wait for me, you idiot. I won't leave you for too long. When you recover, I will come back. " He stroked her pale face, feeling so painful and reluctant.

"Boss, this is the mini monitor we found in Mrs. Essie's car, and someone has been watching her whereabouts all the time." Said William, giving him a pea sized camera device.

"They must have been waiting for this opportunity for a long time." Zac groaned, his eyes flashing with fury. The bodyguards would follow Essie wherever she went. And only when Essie was with him, he would remove the bodyguards. That night, they must see from the monitor that she was driving alone, so they took the advantage.

"Boss, Leila must have something to do with Mrs. Essie's poisoning. What a coincidence! She knows a psychologist with an antidote in her hand." Said William.

"I know." With a malicious and cold light in his eyes, Zac said, "the most important thing is that we have to know that Leila is the leader of this conspiracy or she is being used."

"Do you think Elizabeth and Bles were the part of it?" William said thoughtfully.

"If it were them, they wouldn't have asked Leila to send me the antidote," Zac snorted. They were dying to see that happen. How could they save her? Moreover, now the Pitkin and Luke were in prison, and Elizabeth was busy saving them, how could she have the time to plan this plot?

"Have you found the man who attacked Mrs. Essie that night?" He asked in a low voice.

"Not yet. He must sense the location of the surveillance equipment ahead of time, so that the surveillance camera can't record his face. At that time, there were no pedestrians and cars on the road, and that scene was not seen by anyone. Now it was difficult to find him. But Mrs. Essie should have seen him, and when she wakes up, she may know his true colors. " Said William.

Zac nodded.

Lying on the sickbed, Essie had been dreaming all the time, in which she went back to the year of seven.

"Brother Zac, brother Jim, brother Fell, I heard from my dad that all of you want to get engaged to me. Is that true?" The little Cathy wore a light yellow ponytail, a floral dress. She looked pure, smart and heroic with a cue on her shoulder. She looked proud.

"A fair lady is a gentleman's good mate." A smile tugged at the corners of Jim's mouth. His beautiful eyes were sparkling in the sunshine.

"Cathy, I love you the most. Get engaged to me and I'll give you Barbie dolls every day." Said Fell.

Zac didn't say anything. He just looked at her quietly with an elusive look in his eyes.

The innocent pupils looked at their faces one by one. "You three are particularly beautiful, but the men change eighteen times.copy right hot novel pub