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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 351 Waiting For A Rabbit Behind The Tree

Essie cast a cold glance at him. The diamonds were either swapped in the lab or on the way to the vault. Therefore, the security guards, the vault keeper and the inspection department were all involved in this case.

The only person who could be suspected was director Liu of the marketing department. She purchased the diamond from the market department in a normal way. If director Liu knew that it was a fake diamond and sold it to the CEO, he must be insane or detestable.

"We had checked everything in the lab before the diamonds were conveyed into the warehouse. How could it be fake?" Asked Grin, confused.

"Check the diamonds first." Essie opened the vault and asked the inspector to take out the sealed diamonds for inspection. At the same time, she asked the security department to show the monitoring video of the whole process of checking the color diamond and checking it into the storage room. At the same time, Malcolm had asked the branch office in South Africa to send all the test data to them.

The inspection department worked overtime that night. It took three days to finally check all the diamonds in the treasure house. There was no problem with the previous diamonds in the stock, but the new arrival of those precious diamonds were all fake.

"Is this the thing you checked and accepted?" Obviously, Essie was in a domineering state.

Grin of the inspection department wiped the sweat on his forehead and said, "we've thoroughly checked and tested these diamonds in the laboratory. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with these diamonds. They must have been replaced on the way to the vault."

"Our ten security guards are responsible for escort. The inspection lab and the gold house are in the same building. We just need to go up and down the elevator, so we cannot be unaware it. The stealer must hide in the gold house and swapped them." Fultz the director of security department immediately explained.

Essie sneered, "Fultz, have you watched too many movies? The vault of Millennium Group is equipped with the most advanced security system in the world. Even a fly and a mosquito can't be sent out of it. If they are not amazing thieves, they will be cut eight pieces by lasers! "

Fultz shivered and his forehead was in cold sweat. As the head of the security department, he was responsible for this accident.

She glanced at him and turned to Grin, "who was in charge of testing diamonds in the lab?"

"They are ten senior appraisal masters of the first identification group." Said Grin.

"500 fake diamonds. Even ten people can't pick them out, can they?" After saying that, Essie took a glance at everybody in a cold manner.

"These are diamonds which are all over 1 carat. We can't take them lightly. We have checked each of them carefully. If there is any problem, we, of course, can find out." Said an expert.

Others echoed.

Hearing that, Essie was silent. The employees who were employed by the research department of the Millennium Group was senior experts in jewelry field. It is impossible to make the five hundred fake diamonds successfully pass the test of the laboratory, unless someone bought off all of them. In this case, the possibility was very small, but it was most likely that it had been changed after being sealed.

"The police officer is here. You'd better cooperate with the police in investigating the case, or you will be responsible for the loss of our company." Then she went out.

Her intuition told her that this was not an ordinary theft case. The target of this case was very likely to be her. That one couldn't play tricks in Hengyuan, so he or she put black hands into the Millennium Group. These diamonds were specially designed for the upper class of the society. If they were discovered to have imitations, which would seriously affect the reputation of the Millennium Group, and then she, as the CEO, would definitely be unable to escape her own responsibility.

"Those people didn't expect that I would buy the diamond. And I even bought the fake one." She sneered.

"Does it mean that you fool have a good lucky?" Zac stroked her head, affectionately like a pet.copy right hot novel pub