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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 347 Don't Worry About It

"Don't always accuse my mom of the commission. The whole thing was planned by the lawyer and it had nothing to do with my mother." Explained Valery.

"Even if the lawyer played tricks on it, nobody would doubt her if aunt Elizabeth could take the initiative to leave the position to elder brother instead of herself." Essie sneered.

"Vinton is naughty. I'm afraid that he can't take up such a heavy task of the Xu's Group, so I want to help him run it first." Elizabeth gave Essie a stern look and didn't notice that another man was staring at her.

Noticing what was going on, Essie walked up to Vinton and patted on his shoulder. "Auntie, you're wrong. Vinton has been trying his best to get things done. Now the personnel and Resources Department of Hengyuan is well managed. After the new year, I'm going to ask him to manage the Xu's Group together with me. After he gained rich business experience, he could be a capable assistant of Mr. Baron when he wakes up. "

Hearing what Essie said, Vinton was very happy. He smiled at her and turned to Elizabeth. "Well, mommy, since daddy let sister take over the Xu's Group, it means that he trusts her. As a member of the Xu family, we should help her rather than go against her. We shouldn't have done anything harmful to our family's interests by competing against her secretly. Now, it is the most difficult time for the Xu family. We have to unite as one. Otherwise, those who have ulterior motives will easily seize the opportunity. "

Vicki looked at him with a knowing smile on her face. Her grandson had finally grown up.

Eric took a sip of tea and said, "I am in the army base and Calvin is abroad most of our time, and we know nothing about business. The only thing we can do is to respect our elder brother and support Cathy. I'm a soldier. In a word, whether it's a son or a daughter, the Xu family can only be run by someone within the blood of the Xu family. If a outsider dares to fight for it, I will shoot him! "

Obviously, his words were cheering for Essie. A cold shiver ran down Elizabeth's spine.

Essie walked up to him, raised her hands and made a military salute like a soldier, "Colonel, you are awesome!"

Uncle Eric smiled and said, "this little ghost is as clever as it was in her childhood."

After dinner, she took Holy to the garden to have a chat with her cousins.

"What's wrong with the elder cousin? It has been a long time and there is still no news." Said Angel sadly.

"We've sent a company's salvage and diving men to look for river courses for more than a month, but there's no body found. I believe sister is still alive." Said Essie.

"She used to be the most beautiful officer in the special force, and no one could defeat her. Our special forces often carry out all kinds of training in the river, so it's not difficult for her to escape in the water. " Carl analyzed.

"God bless her. She must be fine. Maybe sister will come back the day dad wakes up. " Holy believed that a miracle would definitely appear on Alice.

"The most hateful thing is that the bastard who wanted to kill Alice died. Otherwise, I will have to twist his head off and throw him into the mountains to feed the wild dogs." Carl clenched his fists.

Essie sneered in her mind. The one who died was only a scapegoat, and the real murderer was still beyond the law.copy right hot novel pub