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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 341 Do Not Come If You Don't Want To

Essie didn't ask any more. She caressed Holy's head and went to get some water.

In the following day, she was drowsy. Although it was not a bid deal to get a cold, she had a nasal mucus and a headache, which made her uncomfortable.

In the evening, as soon as she walked out of the building, she was stopped by the Lamborghini of Zac.

"Get in the car." He gave an order.

She opened the door and sat on the copilot seat, "I am wearing a mask. Can you recognize me?"

Zac glanced at her. He could even find her even if his eyes were closed, not to mention his eyes were open. "Have you taken pills?" Zac asked lightly and reached out his hand to touch Essie's forehead. It was good that Essie didn't have a fever.

"Yes, I have." She nodded. The medicine Holy gave was good and she would take this brand in the future.

As soon as they got back to the villa by the lake, Sage came out from the kitchen and said, "You are back. I have just made the soup. Please drink it while it is tepid."

"That's great to have a soup." She had a bad appetite and wanted to have some soup now.

"This partridge with fish and pear soup is good for the person who has a cold. It helps to clean the throat." Said Sage as she filled two bowls.

After a short pause, Essie asked, "how do you know I have a cold, Sage?"

"I don't know." Sage shook her head, "it was Mr. Zac who asked me to cook soup at night. He also said it must be suitable for people who have a cold."

"Okay." Essie nodded and turned to look at Zac in astonishment. "Do you have a cold, either?"

"Shut up. Have some soup." Zac flicked her forehead with a sullen face. This woman talked too much.

Feeling wronged, she touched her forehead, lowered her head and stopped talking. She focused on drinking the soup in case of being rejected.

When she finished the sou[, she thought it would be time to eat the pills. She went to her handbag to take the pills. However, she did not find the pills after she looked all over the handbag.

"God." She lowered her head dejectedly.

"Do you forget the medicine?" Zac asked casually.

"How do you know?" Said Essie, curling his lips.

"It's always your style to be lost." Zac said with a mocking look.

Essie sneezed and looked very uncomfortable. Without medicine, she might have a runny nose tonight?

As she was depressed, a box was handed to her. Her eyes lit up. It was the medicine with the brand she like!

"You should take the pills of this brand. I've taken them too. They're effective." She grinned and took the card.

Zac glared at her. It was fortunate for him to keep a box of medicine. Otherwise, he would have to go out to buy medicine for this stupid woman.

"Icy guy. Do you want another bag of it?" She asked while pouring the medicine.

"By which eye did you see I caught a cold?" Said Zac slyly. She was in a daze for a moment. Didn't he catch a cold? Why did he have the medicine and ask Sage to cook soup? Could it be that he would act weirdly when he lost his memory?

She pouted and stopped thinking. Anyway, he had always to be unpredictable. Now it would be good as long as she got used to it.

"Would you like to drink something in case you were infected by me?"

"No, thanks." He replied coolly, with his eyes on the computer.copy right hot novel pub