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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 39 A Flirty Smile

"Essie, you've known Zac for a year. In fact, you're already married, and you're saying that you don't know whether he can drive or not?" Lucy demanded, narrowing her eyes at the couple.

Essie paled. "Well, mom, that's because he doesn't own a car. That's why I never asked him if he could drive or not."

Lucy snorted. She obviously wasn't convinced with her excuse. "This just means you don't know each other very well."

"Yes, we do!" she protested.

Wanting to get down to the bottom of this, Lucy turned her gaze to Zac. "Fine. Zac, tell me how much you know about our Essie."

'Shit! I forgot to write that down!' Essie thought to herself.

However, Zac was extremely calm when he answered, "In my opinion, her personality is a combination of contradictions. Although she's indifferent in nature, she's always careful with her money. In fact, every coin is precious to her that she even keeps her trusty notebook to jot down all her expenses. She's easily satisfied, but she's also very ambitious when it comes to her career. She doesn't easily back down from a challenge. Even if it would take days for her to finish even just one design, you can count that she'll be on her work desk for days."

He paused as his eyes gleamed with love. "She loves to laugh. In fact, when she's laughing, she'll grin so crazily that you'll find yourself smiling too. When she's deep in thought, she would hold her chin and squint like those mad scientists you see on TV. When she's making fun of you, she'll twist her lips. When she feels uncomfortable, she'll smile with tears glistening in her eyes. And when she feels sad, she will open her mouth and give you the most exaggerated smiles she could muster before running off to her room."

He took a sip from his tea and continued, "She likes to cry a lot too. In fact, she'll cry even in the smallest of things, but she'll do her best to hide herself while she was doing so. She doesn't want others to see through her weaknesses, so she'll keep a smile on her face before she disappears right in front of you."

While he was talking, Essie's heart trembled.copy right hot novel pub