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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 337 They Are Not My Children

After a drizzle, the weather was particularly sunny. The sun shone on the grassland in the park, warm and bright.

The kids were having fun in the park with Bob and Pana.

Dot kicked the football on the ground, and the football rolled to the side of an old lady. Mili ran with him to pick up the ball. The old lady picked up the ball and gave it to them.

"Thank you, grandma." Mili said politely.

"Good kids. What's your names?" The old lady asked with a smile.

"My name is Mili, and my brother is Dot." Mili said in a sweet voice. Although mommy had told her not to talk to strangers, this old lady was amiable and definitely not a bad person.

"Are you twins?" The old lady smiled and looked at the two children with her loving eyes.

"Yes." Mili nodded, grinning broadly and revealing a row of white teeth.

"You are so good." The old lady beamed. "I have a grandson. You two look exactly like him when he was a child."

"I look like mommy and Dot likes like daddy." Mili said seriously.

"Isn't your daddy with you?" The old lady stroke Mili's head.

"We didn't see daddy. We only saw his picture. We live with mommy and daddy Hanson. Daddy has his own home. " Mili lowered her head, depressed.

The old lady's mouth twitched slightly, and her eyes flashed a mist like light. "Do you want to see daddy?"

Mili nodded and then shook her head. "Mommy said, we can't see daddy."

"Why?" The old lady was a little shocked.

"Daddy got hurt and he became a fiend. He forgot mommy. Mommy wants to help daddy get his memory back. And only when daddy turn into a kind prince can mommy take us to see him. Otherwise, daddy will take us away from mommy and we will never see mommy, daddy Hanson, uncle Holy and grandparents again. " Mili said sadly.

"So it is." With a smile on her face, the old lady continued, "when I go back home, I'll help you find a way to help your daddy turn into a kind prince."

Mili tilted her head and winked. "Grandma, do you know our daddy?"

"Yes, I know him. I have known him since he was a child," The old lady said with a smile.

"Really?" Mili's eyes widened, her face glowing with excitement.

Dot didn't talk much. As long as they were strangers, he remained vigilant. "Granny, you said you knew our father. What's our father's name?"

The old lady smiled and thought, 'he is as cunning as his grandson. He has always been a cool boy since he was a child. He doesn't like to talk to others.' Then she said, "your daddy has a surname of Rong, right?"

"No, our father isn't. You don't know him, grandma!" Dot was afraid that Mili might say something wrong, so he answered quickly. His mommy had told him that there were many bad guys here. They must be careful. They couldn't tell the strangers who they were.

"What a clever boy!" The old lady smiled instead of getting angry.

At this time, Bob and Pana came over. "Mili, Dot, it's time to go home."

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