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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 327 Wanted To See Daddy

"An imperious, independent, narcissistic, venomous, arrogant icehouse." Mili repeated word by word, and her big eyes twinkled in confusion. "With so many criticism, mommy, do you hate this person or like this person?"

"If I explained it literally, she should hate him. But you know, Mommy is a double dealer. The more she hates you, the more she likes you." Dot crossed his arms over his chest and said with a serious expression.

Mili nodded her head and said, "people close to each other usually call each other by pet names. That's why the bossy, independent, narcissistic, bossy and arrogant icehouse is most likely to be the daddy who divorce mommy."

She tapped on the dialing key and was about to dial it, but was stopped by Dot. "Once he answers the phone, he would know that we are children. If we use wechat, he will think we are mommy."

"Yes." Mili nodded and opened the wechat.

At the moment, Zac was walking back and forth in his office. He had planned to entertain his mother-in-law, but Holy told him on the phone that Lucy had taken Essie to Yang City. He had a bad feeling that his mother-in-law would beat up the couple.

When he saw the message from Essie, his gloomy and deep eyes gleamed.


It was weird for the woman to give a message with the word and a question mark. Zac frowned and replied with the word "nonsense", which represented his anger.

"Yes, it's him. His name is Zac, our daddy." Mili began to jump with joy.

"You are as poisonous as I expected." Dot's reply was like a bomb to Zac.

"You're such a fool. Have you lost your brain again today?" Lying on the sofa, Zac replied before long.

"He calls mommy idiot." Mili stuck out her tongue.

"Mommy is confused. She often loses things, doesn't know the road and can drive in the wrong direction with the navigation." Dot rubbed his chin and said sadly.

Mili nodded in agreement. Sitting in Essie's car, she never dared to doze off. She would gather all her energy to guide Essie, in case she drove to the wild.

"What are you doing?" She sent a message to Zac.

"Working. Have you come back to Dragon City?"

"No, I'm in Yang City."

"With Hanson?" Zac frowned and tried to pull her out of the other side.

"Daddy knows daddy Hanson." Mili said in surprise.

"Isn't it a common scene on TV that two men chase after a woman?" Dot shrugged his shoulders and wasn't surprised at all.

After a long time, there was no response. Zac was furious. "Come back right now. Don't force me to Yang City to catch you."

Mili was shocked with her eyes even wider than the bell. "Ouch! Daddy is going to catch mommy!"

"Mommy is with daddy Hanson now. He must be jealous." Dot analyzed the situation rationally. Although they were twins of mixed sex, Dot and Mili had totally different personalities. He remained calm and unchanged in character.

"Wasn't he asking for a divorce?" Mili pouted.

"Mom should be the one who asked for the divorce, not him." Dot touched his chin and said thoughtfully, just like an adult.

"Is it because mommy cheated on daddy and fell in love with daddy Hanson?" Mili looked dejected. This was how it was in the TV series.

"We can't rule out this possibility." Dot nodded.

"If so, isn't daddy pathetic? Mommy abandoned him. He didn't even know that he had two kids. " Mili's sympathy for her father surged up like the river.

They only chatted but forgot to reply to him. In rage, Zac was almost to smash his mobile phone, and he used many angry expressions to brush the screen.

Mili immediately had a brainwave. She quickly comforted him with a lovely expression and asked, "do you like children?"

A sly smile appeared on the corners of Zac's mouth. "When you come back, we make it up. What do you think?"

"Do you like it or not?"

"I like your child.copy right hot novel pub