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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 323 Returning To The Rong Mansion

"I know. Can you be more concentrated?" He seemed a little annoyed. Now he only had one idea in his mind. Even if the king was here, he would ignore him.

She thought to herself, 'Can you focus since Leila is downstairs?' Besides, he was not forced, he was volunteered.

Leila was in the living room. When she heard the Butler say that Zac was busy and couldn't meet her, she felt depressed. When she was about to leave, she glanced at the woman's handbag on the sofa. She was shocked. Was he with a woman in a room...

Jealousy burnt in her heart, she shouted desperately, "Brother Zac, I'm Leila. Come down, Zac!"

The loud noise severely annoyed the people in the room.

"Damn it." Zac cursed in his throat. Reluctantly, he released the beauty under him. "Don't move. I'll go downstairs to have a look. I'll come up soon." He tidied up his clothes and walked out of the room.

Essie sneered. Leila was as needy as Valery. How could he come back here in a short time? They are both very clingy, like spiders?

When she saw Zac coming downstairs, Leila came to him in a hurry. "Zac, what are you doing? Why don't you want to see me?"

"Leila, we are just friends. Everything I do is my own business. If you want to come here for a visit in the future, call me first," Zac said in an indifferent tone. He didn't want any misunderstood for his little fool. If his guess was right, she was so stubborn that she would directly sentenced him to death and didn't listen to his explain, it was probably because her father had an affair, and the huge shadow of family cracking was too deep.

Leila's nose twitched and she was on the verge of tears. In the hospital, he had been very considerate to her, but now he was so indifferent to her. That was a big difference.

"Zac, I've been discharged from the hospital, but you haven't come to see me. Are you busy recently?"

"Yes." Zac nodded carelessly. "You can go back first. I have something else to do. I'll call you when I'm free." After saying that, he turned around and was about to go upstairs. Leila ran up to him and grabbed his arm. She asked, "Do you have other guests at your home?"

"No, I didn't," Zac answered straightforwardly. Essie was never a guest here.

"Oh, I just saw a girl's handbag on the sofa. I thought you had a guest," Leila deliberately said.

"It is my wife's, not a gust's," Zac said in a careless tone.

Leila felt like that she was hit by a stick, and she had a violent convulsion. "Zac, are you talking about the relationship between you and Essie?" She asked in surprise. Didn't Essie fall out with him and get engaged to Hanson?

Zac shrugged and said nothing.

Leila was very jealous. "Brother Zac, you are divorced. I also heard that she is going to marry Hanson."

"Yes, Essie has nothing to do with me now. But I'm engaged to Cathy," Zac said seriously.

'Aren't they the same person?'

Leila's mind was a little confused. She put her hand on her forehead and pretended to be dizzy. "Zac, I'm not fully recovered. I'm a little dizzy. Can I have a rest here?"

"I will let Sage take care of you." Zac called in the servant. He just wanted to get out of here as soon as possible and go back to his room. However, Leila didn't want to let go of his arm for a long time. She said, "Brother Zac, in fact, I..copy right hot novel pub