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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 321 Female Phobia

Essie walked up to Bles and said, "The paternity test report I took out last time belongs to President Xu and me. If uncle doesn't believe it, you can do it again." With a faint smile, she bent down and whispered in his ear in a very low voice, "By the way, how about you make one with Loren?" The voice remained within a small range of two people, but it was full of threat.

Bles trembled slightly. Although he still tried to maintain the calm on the surface, a trace of panic flashed through his eyes, which was keenly captured by Essie. She wouldn't make it public for the time being, so as not to force the dog to jump over the wall and take it as a handle in her hand.

"There is no need for paternity testing." Vicki waved her hand and said, "She is the true Cathy. She looks exactly like her mother. It couldn't be wrong."

Bles pursed his lips and stopped talking.

Elizabeth was paralyzed in the chair as if she had been hit by a stick. She could never predict that Essie would be Cathy. Three years ago, she kicked Valery off the position of the future hostess of the Rong Family. And now she had taken away the position of chairman of the board. She must have come back to take revenge, it must be!

"Well, from now on, I will officially take over the position of Pana. If you have nothing else to do, today's meeting will be over," Essie announced.

The directors looked at each other. The women of the Xu family were more powerful than men!

As soon as the meeting was over, Bles went to the president's office. Essie knew he would come.

"I didn't expect you, a little girl, can stir up so many things." He pointed at Essie. He was furious and didn't dare to burst out. His face turned red.

"Uncle, you have worried too much." Essie smiled slightly and poured him a cup of tea. "Family ugliness can't be publicized. I won't publicize this matter. As long as I'm safe, my cousin Loren is safe."

Bles clenched his teeth. If it wasn't for the protection of Zac and the people over there were not allowed to touch her, he would have asked someone to get rid of her. How could he leave her to stir up disaster like today's.

"The reason why you dare to be so rampant is just because you have the support of Zac!"

"This is also my ability, don't you agree, uncle?" Essie chuckled twice and changed her tone. "But no matter how competent I am, I am nothing in front of you. You slept with your sister-in-law and gave birth to an illegitimate child. It is really a cuckold for Chairman Xu, your elder brother."

Bles's face was even redder than pig's liver. "You'd better remember what you said, or I won't be lenient to you."

Essie took a sip of tea and said slowly and casually, "Don't worry. As long as I'm safe, everyone is safe."

After Bles left, her heart did not calm down. She was very clear that as soon as her identity was exposed, someone would come to her at the first time to 'get even' with her.

As soon as they came out of the Hengyuan building, they were swept into the car by a strong 'hurricane'.

Zac didn't drive by himself today, probably because he was afraid of losing control of his emotions and having a car accident.

His lips were closed and he didn't say a word. He just stared at her gloomily and surprisingly, as if he was investigating an alien monster that he had never seen before!

This state lasted for fifteen minutes, and Essie was already scared. She curled up in the corner of the seat and kept a defensive state all the time to resist his terrible attack.

"You are Cathy. How could you be Cathy?" He muttered in a low voice, as if he was asking or talking to himself.

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