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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 36 Exposure

Zac was shocked. He didn't expect he would meet his in laws so soon. But knowing he had to help her at the moment, he regained his composure and said, "I'll come with you to pick them up."

"No, thanks. I can go downstairs myself." Waving her hand, Essie added, "Don't forget that we're just roommates. You are not allowed to mention the marriage in front of them or anyone else for that matter."

He nodded his head in understanding. Her parents hugged her as soon as they saw her. It was a great pleasure to meet their daughter. After she graduated from university and came to Yang City, they hadn't had an opportunity to see her.

In the living room, Zac had already placed tea for them.

Before her parents could ask who he was, she answered, "His name is Zac Rong, and he is my roommate. We split the rent."

Bob's face creased with a frown. Even though he was a liberal man, the idea of his daughter sharing her apartment with another man bothered him.

Lucy looked at Essie's roommate, using her motherly instincts to figure out the relationship between them. From what she knew, her daughter had never been in love. On top of that, she was a mother who believed in giving her daughter privacy. Hence she never tried to pry in her matters.

"Uncle, aunt, have some tea." Zac poured them two cups of tea and began to peel the fruit.

Bob wandered around the house, trying to inspect every nook and cranny. There were three bedrooms and two parlors, but only two bedrooms were furnished with a bed. The other room had a tailored table and a sewing machine. It was his daughter's design room.

"Only you two live in this house?" He was a little worried.

Noticing her father's expression, Essie held his arm and said, "Dad, it's expensive now. But if we find a third person, we would be more than happy to take them in.copy right hot novel pub