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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 315 Act Now (Part One)

"Zac Rong, you can continue to deceive yourself, but you can't deceive me. I don't believe a word of your explanation, not even until I die!" she said coldly. Then she turned around and walked to Hanson. "Put on the ring for me, Hanson. I will never be separated from you again."

Hanson smiled and put the huge pink diamond ring on her ring finger.

The people off the stage were at a loss. They didn't know whether they should sigh or wish. In fact, they couldn't hear what Zac and Essie said on the stage, but the situation was clearly the competition between two men and the choice of a woman, and the result was that Hanson won.

Essie held the roses in one hand and held Hanson's arm in the other. When she walked to Zac, she said lightly, "I wish you and Leila a happy marriage."

In an instant, the blood all over Zac's body was frozen, and his soul seemed to be detached from his body by a sharp blade, turning into a ghost of despair.

On the second day, the entertainment headline read: Hanson's proposal was successful, the fashion fairy returned home and remarried Bella's young master.

Jim knew that at this time, Zac must be drunk. When he arrived at the lakeside villa, he waited beside and waited for him to wake up.

Zac didn't wake up until night. The first thing he did when he opened his eyes was to look for wine.

"I'll drink with you." Jim handed the bottle to him and said, "I remember that when Janice died, you drank with me for three days. This time you are a little better than me. At least there is hope. I will drink with you for two days."

"Are you comforting me?" Zac smiled bitterly.

Jim poured two glasses of wine and added ice, "It is just a proposal, not a marriage. Why are you so desperate?"

Zac picked up the glass and took a big gulp. As long as he didn't agree, she wouldn't want to marry anyone else, because..copy right hot novel pub