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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 312 There Was No Need To Be With A Bad Man

"But she was injured because of saving Rabi. If she didn't push him away in time, then it was Rabi who would be lying in the hospital." Zac held his forehead and felt a little helpless.

"Of course, she is responsible for the safety of Rabi. It only means that she has no basic sense of danger. You let Leila to take care of Rabi, which means you are also a fool. " Essie could hardly control her emotions. If it was her, she would never take the child to pick up things on the road together. She would go alone.

"It's really my fault." Zac leaned against the wall with a pale face. He had been blaming himself for the past few days. Leila said that she would take Rabi to walk around and bask in the sun, but he didn't pay much attention to it. If he had been there or had arranged for bodyguards to follow him, the car accident would not have happened.

"Forget it. You can go wherever you like. Anyway, I'm not related to you now. I don't care about your business." Essie said coldly, turned around and went downstairs.

Zac fell to the floor and held his head. He was more and more at a loss, or even powerless, to this confused fool. He didn't know what he could do to save their marriage and keep her.

The phone call came again. It was Christina who urged him to go there as soon as possible.

He smoothed his hair that was scratched by his hand and went downstairs.

In the luxurious ward of the hospital, Leila was lying on the bed, staring blankly at an unknown corner, and the breakfast grains on the bedside table were not moved.

Hearing the familiar footsteps at the door, her face lit up. "Zac, are you here?"

"Why don't you eat again?" Zac walked to her side, frowning slightly.

"I just want to eat the breakfast you bought. What they bought is not delicious." Leila said in a coquettish tone.

"I bought it in the morning tea shop as young master said." The nurse said with grievance.

"What you bought is not as delicious as what brother Zac bought." Leila growled angrily. If Zac wasn't there, she would have picked up the bowl on the cabinet and smashed it at this stupid guy.

Christina quickly pulled the nurse out and left her sister alone with Zac.

Zac put the breakfast into the microwave oven and heated it up. "I'm very busy today and can't stay too long. You should eat the breakfast quickly and don't play petty."

"Brother Zac, you didn't come to have breakfast with me today because of the company?" Leila asked in a hurry, fearing that he was with Essie, so he ignored her.

Zac didn't answer. He picked up a shrimp dumpling and handed it to her mouth. She shook her head and said, "brother Zac, it's so stuffy here. Please push me downstairs and eat it while basking in the sun on the grass, OK?"

"Okay." Zac nodded, picked her up, put her on the wheelchair and pushed her out.

Coming to the side of the green shade, Zac opened the lunch box and began to feed her breakfast.

"Leila, I have a lot of things to do recently. I may not come to see you often. You have to be obedient and take care of yourself as soon as possible. Then you can have an operation and your eyes will be recovered."

"Zac, am I annoying you?" Leila lowered her eyes and a drop of tear fell down.

"How could it be? Don't think too much. I just can't come here on time as before. I will come to see you whenever I have time. " Zac took out his handkerchief and wiped away the tears on her face.

"Don't be too long, okay?" Leila said pitifully.

"Okay." Zac replied in a low voice.

Behind the big tree not far away, a camera secretly stretched out and kept shooting. Soon, they were sent to Essie's mailbox.copy right hot novel pub