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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 311 It Is None Of My Business (Part Two)

She shrank a little. She was still frightened by the "lesson" he had taught her on the bed last time. She didn't dare to irritate him too much. She had to give in, "I... I'm tired and want to go back to sleep. Open the door and let me out. "

He gave her a gloomy look, slammed on the gas and the car sped forward.

"I'm at the door of my home. I won't go to your place." She wanted to cry. This guy must have been the reincarnation of a tyrant. He was arbitrary and only acted according to his own will. He never cared about other people's feelings. She curled up in the chair, and there was no more resistance, only a sad look of being cut and ready to be slaughtered.

The car was shrouded in a quiet and dark color.

For a long time, his voice, like a rock falling into the ice, came in a low voice, "did my brother send you back just now?"

"Yes, we had dinner together tonight." She said lightly, looking out of the window, not at him.

"He asked you out?" There was a flash of fire in his eyes.

"He happened to pass by. I was still in the office, so we could have dinner together. Your brother and I are good friends, and we know each other earlier than you. Isn't it common to have dinner together?" She pouted and felt that her personal freedom was severely restricted.

Zac was silent. In the past, he did think it was normal for his elder brother to have dinner with her, but after the dispute at the ball, he felt unusual. The girl he liked was known during the trip, and he and the confused fool were also known during the trip. He said he had found the girl, but he went home with a fake to fool his mother. In retrospect, it seems that there is only one explanation that is most reasonable, that is.copy right hot novel pub