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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 34 Distance Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

The man didn't even respond, so she decided to change her tactic by yelling out, "Earthquake!"

He still didn't respond. Essie waved her hands exasperatedly up in the air. "There are thieves! Catch them!"

An hour later, her voice was already hoarse from yelling too much.

Fortunately, the door was already open.

Mindy leaned against the doorframe and smoothened over her skirt. Her eyes glinted. "Thank you for the music." She winked, before turning to the handsome man inside. "Honey, you were awesome. See you tomorrow!"

As soon as the door was closed, Essie rushed into his bedroom.

Zac leaned against the headboard. As he wore his pajamas, a lazy and satisfied smile played in the corners of his mouth. "What are you playing just now?" he snorted. "A disaster training exercise?"


Essie wanted to scold him again, but she found that she couldn't bring herself to. Her throat was already hurting from all the times she had yelled. She bit her lips and raised her hand to hit the wall.

His large hand reached out to stop her. "Don't hurt yourself." Zac stared at her with pity in his eyes, but she didn't even bother to notice them. Her mind was filled with that materialistic bitch leaving his room. Shoving out of the way, she ran into her room.

Looking at the direction she had disappeared, he smirked.

"Are you jealous?" he whispered, but there was no one to answer.copy right hot novel pub