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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 305 His Current Wife And His Ex

She sighed and thought of Zac uncontrollably. She was getting more and more confused about how to get along with him. Now he was the only person she could rely on and ask for help in Dragon City, but he was too domineering and strong. Working with him was like playing with fire, which burned her to ashes one day.

Dot turned around and looked at them with his eyes wide open, "Mommy, daddy, are you going to kiss each other?"

Instantly, Essie stood up in a hurry, "You little kid, what are you talking about?"

Dot stuck his tongue out and climbed onto Hanson's legs, "Dad, you two will get along better if you often kiss Mom."

"Yes." Mili giggled and covered her mouth with her hand. "I saw many people kissing each other on TV. So they are very close to each other."

Essie wiped the sweat from her forehead. It must be when her mother was watching the soap opera. The two kids hid on the stairs and watched them, learning everything inappropriate for children.

Even a gifted baby in the family would have trouble.

While she was thinking, Hanson gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek and said, "It's all right. Daddy decided to kiss mommy more often so that she wouldn't be taken away by others."

"Mommy is daddy and Dot and Mili's. If anyone dares to take Mommy away, Dot will beat him away." Dot clenched his fists like a man.

Essie stroke their head with a smile. "Mommy will always be with you and daddy. You should listen to your grandparents in Jiang City. Don't go around and be naughty. After Mommy settle all the things, we will go back to America together, okay?"

"Okay." Dot and Mili nodded.

Upon hearing her words, Hanson's mouth was filled with a sweet candy, which flowed into his heart along his throat.

"So you are holding your wedding in Jiang City, or in New York?" Mili asked.

"New York. Mommy loves there." Essie smiled. She stayed far away from the fire, fearing that he would burn her.

"Great!" The two children clapped their hands with excitement.

Hanson opened his arms and hugged them in his arms. He hoped that this happiness could last forever and no one could destroy it.

After spending two days in Jiang City, Essie returned to Hengyuan Co., Ltd. It seemed that Vinton had become wise. He came to the office and asked about the project of Sea City.

Essie copied the time schedule of the project team and introduced the project to him briefly. When they were chatting, the secretary called and Elizabeth was waiting outside the office, saying that she had something to tell her.

"Please wait for a moment, Mrs. Xu." Hanging up the phone, Essie turned to look at Vinton and said, "I guess your mom is calling because of the project in Sea City."

A slight light flashed through his long and narrow eyes. Vinton moved behind the screen nearby, trying to know what his mommy was thinking about.

Essie smiled and asked the Secretary to invite Elizabeth in.

"Mrs. Xu, why are you here today?" She made a gesture of inviting her to sit with her on the sofa and asked the Secretary to prepare two cups of black tea.

"Originally, I was going to look for Cathy, but she said that you have been fully responsible for the project of the Sea City amusement park, so I talked to you directly," Elizabeth said.

"Do you have any suggestion?" The corners of Essie's mouth lifted into a smirk again.

"I heard that you asked Vinton to take charge of this project with you?" Elizabeth raised her eyebrows.

"Yes, Mr. Xu has already known a lot about this project and has come up with good suggestions. I believe that he will be able to deal with it alone soon." Essie smiled.

"Vinton is the director of human resources. He's in charge of the human resources. Don't let him get involved in projects.copy right hot novel pub