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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 303 If We Are Not A Couple, Then We Will Be Enemies

Vinton was taken aback and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Don't you know?" Essie pouted, covering her mouth with her hand, pretending to be surprised. "Your assistant works for your uncle. He works according to your uncle's orders."

"What?" Vinton was so angry that he almost jumped up from the chair.

"Your uncle wants you to be indifferent to anything, so that he can plant his trusted subordinates into the Xu's Group." Essie continued, "Your uncle has his own son. If he is in charge of the situation, the person he will take care of is definitely not you. I have heard that he and your mommy are planning to arrange your cousin to the board of directors. You are the eldest grandson of the Xu family. They don't want to arrange you to sit on the board of directors, but they only want the eldest grandson of the Wang family to come in. Why? "

"It's outrageous!" Vinton clenched his fist, didn't they plot to replace him with his cousin? The Xu's Group belonged to the Xu family. How could it have anything to do with the Wang family!

"I need to talk to my mommy about it." As he spoke, he was about to rush out, but was stopped by Essie. "It's useless to go there. They will only use a pile of lies to fool you, and you will only alert the enemy. You'd better pretend that you know nothing and don't ask anything about your assistant."

"Am I going to sit back and wait for death and watch my cousin take my place?" Vinton said, pounding the table.

"Didn't I tell you last time? You have to find out all the people that your mother and uncle had planted in the Xu's group and replace them with your own ones. You are the director of human resources, and your uncle and Mommy won't be on guard against you, so it shouldn't be difficult for you to do it, right?" Essie said.

After a moment's silence, Vinton looked up at her and asked, "Why do you want to help me?"

Essie smiled and thought, 'It seems that he is not stupid. He just put his foot in the wrong.'

"I'm not helping you." She shook her head, "I'm helping Cathy to get back to America early. I'm helping myself. You know my major business is clothing design. Now if she's gone, I can also get back to work on my summer100℃. Third, I'm just helping my best friend, Eva." She paused and looked seriously. "Mr. Xu, to be honest, you want to marry our Eva, or just for fun?"

"Of course I am serious. I can get our marriage certificate as long as she wants right away," Vinton said in a serious manner.

"In this case, you should plan for your future. Now that Eva is a popular star, she deserves a successful president. If you don't have anything to do but keep yourself in the name of a member of a rich and powerful family, then you'll lose everything as long as the Xu family's properties are taken away by someone else. If she marries you, she will have to earn money to support you," Essie slowly said.

"I'm a man! How could I let her raise me?" Vinton glared at her with displeasure. This was so frustrating.

"That's why I should give you a hand and some suggestions." Essie's thick eyelashes flickered. "You are an outstanding student of Columbia University, who is well-educated, talented and promising. How can't you not manage the family business well? It's just that your mommy and uncle don't want you to get involved in the company affairs at all. They just want you to be a puppet at the mercy of them. They just waste your talent."

Her words made him relax again. Vinton puffed out his chest and said, "From now on, I will study hard on the company's business, and I won't be as careless as before."

Essie gave him a thumbs up. "Eva will be very happy to see you like this."

"Please put in a good word for me in front of her." A smile tugged at the corners of his mouth.

"I will help you if you are serious." With these words, Essie made an 'OK' gesture.

"I am one hundred percent serious." Vinton raised his palm to show his frankness. He had never been so serious in his life.copy right hot novel pub