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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 298 Feeling Of Being Rejected

"I... I just want to have a look at him. After all, I was pregnant for ten months and I miss him. " Said Valery in a pitiful voice.

"It seems that you are very sober and not mad." Zac snorted. If not for Rabi's sake, he would never let her live so comfortably.

"I... I took medicine every day. After taking medicine, I became clear headed. " Of course, Valery wasn't mad. She just pretended to be mad because she was afraid that Zac would punish her.

"Rabi has nothing to do with you. From now on, stay away from him." Zac warned.

"Got it." Said Valery in a trembling voice.

"Get out, as far as you can." When Zac growled, Valery just ran out like a rat. Her heart was full of hatred. She would try to get back what Essie owed to her.

Rabi didn't cry at the moment. As a child, he didn't remember what had happened just now. With the comfort of Essie, he forgot what he had seen just now and suggested going to take the ferris wheel.

The ferris wheel had special meaning to Essie and Zac. It was the place where they had dated for the first time, although it was only a mock date, they both had unforgettable memories.

"Daddy, Mommy, can I live with you? Why do other kids live with their parents and I have to live with grandparents? " Touching Zac's face with his face, Rabi thought Zac would agree as long as he acted in pettish to him.

Zac touched his head. He wanted to give him a complete family, but the dreamy woman in front of him had never thought of reuniting with him, which annoyed him. He would never grovel to her, unless she took the initiative to apologize and came back voluntarily. Otherwise, just let this be.

"You are still young and need adults' care. When you go to primary school, you can come back and live with daddy." He had already prepared to take his time to fight with the woman.

"When can I go to primary school?" Rabi blinked his eyes. He didn't understand what school meant.

"You can go to primary school after kindergarten." Zac stroked his little face.

Hearing that, Rabi looked at him with his head tilted to one side. Then she looked at Essie, and finally burst into laughter. He didn't know how long it would take, but he was looking forward to living with his parents soon.

Looking at him, she couldn't help but think of her Mili and Dot. 'If I don't let them meet their biological father before they grow up, will it be too cruel? But what if Zac knows and take them away? He was so bossy and independent, she couldn't win him at all. And she couldn't allow her children to treat Leila as mother, and her children would not live with a stepmother.'

After Essie got out of the ferris wheel, she received a call from Jack. The police had found out the suspect who tried to murder Alice. According to the murder, he was once an employee of the Hengyuan company. Because he was fired, he decided to take revenge on Alice. He was also a patient with AIDS. As a result of looking for prostitutes, he got AIDS. His condition had worsened, and there were only a few days left for him to live.

"He must be a scapegoat." Clarissa said angrily. He was willing to do anything like murder and arson as long as someone was willing to give him money.

"Don't get involved in the affairs of Xu family.copy right hot novel pub