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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 291 A Slip Of The Tongue (Part One)

Leila ignored Essie deliberately. She squatted at the table and talked to Zac, "It can read ancient poems. When I read any line, it will read the next line of that poem." She swallowed and murmured, "Wild grasses spreading over the plain."

"With every season come and go," said the parrot in a shrill voice.

Leila continued, "In the morning one departs from Baidi, amongst rosy clouds."

"One thousand li to Jiangling, in one day returning," the parrot continued.

With his arms around his chest, Zac touched his chin and asked, "Did you get this from the zoo?"

"No, I bought it with a man who has parrots. There are many parrots among them, and it is the smartest one. So I picked it and give it to you. You can ask it to wake you up every morning," Leila grinned.

"Okay, I take it. It's much more interesting than an alarm." Zac asked the servant to hang the birdcage on the balcony. Then he sat on the sofa and chatted with Leila, ignoring the woman standing at the stairs.

Essie was not happy to be ignored as air. She felt like she was thrown into a lemonade, sour from cells to pores.

She used to be a substitute for Leila, and now she was even inferior to her. It was only a powerful third wheel. She was the unnecessary existence

She bit her lips, turned around and went upstairs. She didn't want to see their intimacy any more. Her eyes hurt and her chest was stuffy.

Zac glanced at her back with the corner of his eyes, without any expression on his face, silently doing whatever she wanted. She turned a deaf ear to him for three years, he would let her know how it felt to be forgotten.

"Zac, have you reconciled with each other?" Leila asked nervously.

"She came here just for business," Zac said blandly. She could feel a little more peace in her heart when she saw that his face was cold, not as warm as he used to look at Essie. And she continued, "You are just friends now, aren't you?"

"I'm never friends with her." There was a cold tone in Zac's tone, as if he was mad at the people upstairs. In fact, in his heart, she was always his wife.copy right hot novel pub