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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 275 Who Is The Father

Two days later, Essie received a strange phone call. It was from Mandy and she wanted to see her.

She also wanted to meet her. Mandy disappeared after the hotel incident. She needed to figure out whether Mandy had anything to do with the matter that she was drugged and entrapped.

It was very quiet at the corner of the lake. Wearing a peaked cap and toad glasses, Mandy seemed very afraid of being recognized.

Seeing Essie, she ran to her and grabbed her shoulders, asking, "How are you doing, Essie? I'm so worried about you. I'm afraid that you might take it too hard and commit suicide."

Essie tried to get rid of her grip. She almost died from suicide. Luckily, Zac came to her in time and told her the truth.

"It's all your fault, Mandy, right? You pretend that you don't care about the matter between me and Zac, but in fact, you have been holding a grudge against me and want to take revenge on me, right?" She asked angrily.

"Essie, I didn't. I really didn't. It was this fat man, Todd who did it." Mandy immediately explained, "He has been following me secretly all the time. This time when he knew that I happened to live in the hotel he worked at, he put some drug in the red wine I drank, trying to invade me." She had made this up before she planned this. Because someone had done this to her, Essie would definitely come to get even with her. In this way, she could get rid of herself.

After a short pause, Essie asked, "Are you telling the truth?"

"I swear if I lie to you, I will be hit by thunder bolt." Mandy raised her hand and showed a frank expression.

Essie was reluctant to believe that Mandy would do harm to her. It was just...

"Since you didn't want to hurt me, why did you play to disappear?"

"It was Todd who came to me again. I was so afraid that..." Mandy blinked her eyes, tears streaming down her face. "I'm sorry, but anyhow, it's all my fault. Essie, if it weren't for me, you wouldn't have suffered..."

"Don't blame yourself, Mandy. It's not your fault. I'm fine anyway. Luckily, Zac came and saved me." Essie said.

"He saved you?" Mandy revealed a shock look on her face, "But I saw the fat pig..." She stopped on purpose. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

There was a spam running though Essie, "You... What did you say?"

"Nothing... Nothing. Just ignore me. " Mandy waved her hand, pretending to be hesitant, which made Essie suspicious.

"What did you see?" Her calm heart twisted again. Essie was afraid that something unexpected had happened that night.

"Essie, don't ask. It's better that you know nothing about it." Mandy sighed heavily, with an expression of embarrassment. The more she pretended, the more she swallowed. The more she hid, the more Essie would believe her.

As expected, her face had been pale, and even her lips had lost color in the horror. "Mandy, what did you see? Tell me quickly. Don't hide it from me." She said in a panic.

After intentionally keeping silent for a while, Mandy stammered, "I...copy right hot novel pub