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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 269 She Was Resourceful

Essie didn't want to do any work anymore. Although she was trusted by Zac, she was still restless. Zac loved Leila so much, and they had been deep relationships for so many years, but he still gave up because of Leila's family. In his heart, the Rong's Group must be more important than women. Essie thought herself was just a substitute. She meant nothing to him. How could he be irritated for her and betrayed his family?

She took a shower to calm herself down.

Zac was leaning on the bed, watching the 3D building model on the computer.

Essie lay on the bed next to him and began to play IPad in silence.

Zac rolled his eyes and glanced at what Essie was looking at?

He was sweating slightly. Essie started actually studying the fate something. It seemed that she had been greatly stimulated in this matter!

"Honey, it can only be for fun. You can't take it seriously." He smiled and stroked her head.

"I don't want to be impeached, but is there anyone else who is serious enough to impeach me at a family meeting?" She said crossly. She couldn't sit still and wait for death. She had to spend the whole night studying it so that she could have a good fight with that annoying mother-in-law tomorrow. Even if she had to leave, she would be the one who offered to leave, holding her head high, instead of being dejected and driven away.

Zac put down his computer and held her in his arms. It seemed that someone was stirring up trouble again in front of his wife. "Don't worry. I'm with you. Everything will be fine."

"If the whole family agrees to let us divorce, will you still be able to stick your mind?" Essie didn't feel better after his words. How could he be able to struggle with the whole family?

Zac deliberately sighed and showed a very helpless expression. "If that's the case, the situation will be difficult to handle..." He swallowed back the words on the tip of his tongue, which made her heart freezing. She knew that once the whole family started to be against her, he would compromise and flinch. He knew clearly that the family was more important than a beauty!

Indignantly, she cast a sidelong glance at the IPad and didn't take any notice of him. After she finished the fight with her dear mother-in-law, she would take reprisals against him and divorce him. Then she valiantly walked out of the gate of the house valiantly.

Taking a look at her tightly frowned eyebrows and round face, Zac said mischievously, "honey, you don't want to leave me, right?"

"Don't flatter yourself. You just like the peacock flaunting its tail!" Essie rolled her eyes at him.

"Honey, do you know what your biggest characteristic is?" Holding his hands and the head, Zac looked at her leisurely.

"What?" She spit out one word.

"Liar." His handsome face was so close to her that she could feel his warm breath, as if kissing her indirectly. "I wish I could be free tomorrow. But I can't be slandered by superstition and nonsense, and I shouldn't be driven away. Although I'm a grass root, I have my dignity, which cannot be trampled on casually." Her voice was not only aggrieved but also stubborn. Never did she bow to any evil force, but the more braver she was.

"But honey, can you really handle the elders without my help?" With his arms around his chest, it seemed that he was waiting for her to ask for help. However, Essie gritted her teeth and refused to give in as if she was in a rage. He had decided to give up on her, and he was no longer the strong mountain she could rely on. "We're birds of the same feather, and when the disaster comes, we'd better rely on ourselves. I don't want to disappoint you when the chances are higher."

Zac frowned and looked a little gloomy. "Honey, don't you trust me?"

"Don't think that I don't know what you're planning in your mind," she pouted.

Zac touched his chin.copy right hot novel pub