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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 265 Deliberately Making Difficulties (Part Two)

Hearing that, Essie was a little stunned. Without knowing what she meant, she shook her head and said frankly, "No."

Mary sneered in her heart. She knew Essie wouldn't cook. Although she was born in a middle class family, she was the only child of the family. Her parents loved her very much and rarely let her cook in the kitchen. Mary pretended to sigh. "Then it will be difficult. In our Rong's family, our new daughter-in-law will have to hold a family dinner personally." After a pause, she turned the tone of the voice, "it doesn't matter, you can do as you like. After all, it's a family rule, and you can't violate."

"Mommy, you don't even know how to fry eggs. How did you pass this test?" When Zac was a child, he was often punished to copy the family rules. He had been passive to remember, but there was no such one inside.

Mary's face slightly turned blue, but her tone was still slow and unhurried. She was good at hiding a secret. She was always gentle and quiet, and rarely got angry in words unless she was showing her power.

"I made a new deal about it. As the hostess of the Rong family, I have the right to make new family rules. We have been married to the daughters of the rich families before, so they don't have to undergo this test. Now that you, from a ordinary family, have married into this family, the rules should change. Then everyone will see the advantages of you ordinary people and will no longer have objection. " It sounded reasonable. She said that all because she was worried about Essie, but in fact, she was creating difficulties for her.

How could Zac not know it? "Mommy, I remember there is a rule in our family: the perpetrator should be the first to make an example. Why don't you host a family dinner first to give us an example?"

"Now it's not the time for you to protect your wife. You'd better take this opportunity to impress grandpa and grandma." Mary was such a sweet talker.

"It doesn't matter, Zac.copy right hot novel pub