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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 241 Someone Was Playing Tricks

Jim deliberately make a shiver and rubbed his arms, "Wow, wife domineering guy is indeed the most horrible and most ferocious species in the world."

"Good that you know it." Zac said in a low voice in a domineering manner.

After the barbecue, Jim went back to his villa in Hengdian. Zac went back to the hotel with Essie and Eva. They had to rest early and went to the filming site early the next day.

Eva's play was the first scene. She entered the dressing room at seven o'clock.

She sat on her dresser. While the dresser was about to apply makeup for her, she waved her hand and said, "I have cosmetics with me. I can use my own." This is Helena Rubinstein's makeup. It was from the cooperation supplier of SUMMER 100℃. And Essie seldom wears makeup, so she gave it to her. Actors and actresses always wore make-up, and they had to use a good make-up in order not to damage the skin.

The makeup artist asked her assistant to put the makeup on the table next to her. Soon an actress came and sat there for makeup.

When Eva was putting on the wig, her junior sister, Wendy, went into the dressing room. They were playing the first opposition acting today.

"Eva, I heard that there was an accident yesterday. It was your friend, Essie, hanging on the wire. Is she all right?" Wendy asked with a gloating look in her eyes.

This was how the entertainment circle of the Internet worked. All news would spread over the country with supersonic speed. Last night, there were more than ten thousand comments on Essie's micro blog. They were all sent by fans, who were very concerned about their idol.

"She is fine. Thanks for asking," Eva replied casually.

"The people in the special skill group were so careless. They even didn't notice that their screw was loosed." Added the makeup artist.

"Is there any problem today?" Wendy asked in a strange voice, her eyes shining with coldness. Today, Eva would hang wire.

"I'm not worried at all." Knowing that she said that on purpose, Eva shrugged her shoulders indifferently. It was said that Jim had deducted the salary of the special skill team for three months. Anyone who dared to ignore the checking of the machine would be fired. It was known to all in the entertainment circle that those who had been fired by King Jim were not accepted by other crew. It was impossible for them to work anywhere anymore.

"That's good." Wendy said with a smirk.

As they were talking, the young actress next to them frowned. The dresser had just finished applying makeup for her. She felt uncomfortable with the makeup. "Miss Li, what kind of rouge are you using? Why do I feel hot on my face after that?"

"Hot?" The make-up artist was a little surprised, "We all used Olay's make-up. How could it be hot?" There was a rash on the actress's face. Eva also saw it from the mirror and screamed, "Are you allergic?"

The actress screamed in high voice, and the dresser quickly took her to the bathroom to wash her face.

Hearing the scream, Clarissa and the staff outside rushed in. Since the wire accident yesterday, her vigilance had risen to the maximum. No matter it was an accident or anything else, she had to be careful.

"Eva, are you okay?" She ran to Eva.

Eva shook her hand, "I'm fine. It's that actress. She seems to be allergic to rouge. Fortunately, I didn't apply it. I used the makeup you gave me yesterday.copy right hot novel pub