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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 237 You Did Not Stand A Chance In Front Of Me

After they parted in the Mint Coffee House that day, he was dejected and almost desperate. He could only depend on alcohol anesthesia to sustain his life. Unable to bear it any longer, Florey told him that Essie had gone to see Jobson, and that she had traded for him, Bella. It was not until then that he learned her feelings for him. She was waiting for him, waiting for him to take her away. He couldn't let her down, and even by any means, he would get her back.

Zac noticed the subtle change of the person beside him. He looked at Hanson walking towards them and put his arm around her waist, as if announcing to him that she was his. He didn't want to see Hanson, nor did he want her to see him. It took him so much effort to occupy a little place in her heart. He couldn't let Hanson grab it again.

"Long time no see, Essie." Hanson looked at her deeply. There were thousands of words and endless love in his eyes. But he could not show it. He had to endure it until he could compete with Zac.

"Long time no see, Hanson," Essie said in a low voice. Only she knew that today was actually Hanson's birthday, but she had to pretend that she didn't remember. She couldn't even tell him 'Happy Birthday' because she wanted him to forget her completely.

Zac looked at Christina, "Are you dating Mr. Xia now?" His tone was casual, as if he was just asking a casual question. When his eyes met Hanson's, there was a dark fire stone flower in the air.

A mixed feeling rushed into her mind, and she couldn't tell whether she should be happy for him or sad for herself when she saw him being with another woman. But she knew that she still couldn't totally forget him. Maybe it was because she had been in love with him for so long and she didn't want to forget him at all, because she couldn't let herself fall in love with the person by her side. At least, she wouldn't do something like a moth darted into the fire before the birth of Valery's child.

Christina smiled shyly. She wanted to be Hanson's girlfriend, but he wanted to start with his girlfriend first. "Hanson and I are just friends." She explained haltingly, but her hand spontaneously took Hanson's arm, as if afraid of others to rob him. Hanson didn't keep away from her either. He was thinking of using Christina.

Zac nodded slightly. "We're going bowling over there. Excuse me." He didn't want to let Essie have too much contact with Hanson, so he left with her. They played for a while before Hanson, Christina and her sister came too.

"Let's have one round, Zac." Hanson came over and challenged him.

Zac shrugged and accepted the challenge.

Essie didn't say anything but cast a meaningful glance at them. She went to the sofa and sat down, watching the game. Christina and her sister followed Essie. Leila asked her sister to go to the bar counter to bring her cocktails because she wanted to send her away.

"Are you sad to see that my younger sister is together with Hanson?" She asked.

"Miss Qin, it's my own business." Essie replied.

"What about you and Zac? Do you want to pretend to be the real person and won't leave this position?" Leila said in a sharp voice.

"If you can sit on it, I can leave at any time." Essie said in a casual way. If she was the woman who took the throne now, Zac wouldn't have tortured her as a substitute.

Leila's face turned pale slightly. Her words hit the nail on her head. Even if she was willing to break away from Qin Family, the Rong Family would not accept her. Zac was the young master of the Rong family, and it was impossible for him to betray his family for her.

"Every year, Zac would celebrate my birthday. Do you know why he gave me the watch this year?" She forced a smile stiffly. She couldn't be defeated by her rival.copy right hot novel pub