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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 233 The Truth (Part One)

The next day, Zac and Mary went to the hospital to visit Valery.

When she knew that Essie tried to kill herself, Valery was surprised and happy. Now that she was dead, her chance of being a wife had come to light.

However, she didn't believe that it was Essie who did that. Essie was not a fool. She thought that committing a murder to her child at this moment was only a chance for Cherry and Jenny to make use of?

"Zac, I think that Essie was wronged again. It must be someone who tried to frame her by my child. She was wronged and took things too hard, so she tried to commit suicide." Anyhow, Essie was already dead. It wouldn't be a good threat to her any longer. So she had to take this opportunity to make Essie innocent. On the one hand, she could get a good impression of Zac for her. On the other hand, she must find out the real murderer and prevent her from getting away with it. The real murderer could never get away with it, or even gain any profit from it.

"Valery, stop messing up. She did it. Sophia have seen it with her own eyes." Mary said in a hurry. In fact, she was aware that it wasn't Essie who had done it. The loophole was too obvious. She wasn't a fool. She just used her to get rid of Essie. As for who was the real murderer, they'd better stop looking into it.

"The chicken soup was cooked by Sophia. I thought she should have been suspicious. Why should we have to believe her?" Valery continued with a sneer.

Zac looked at her with gentleness in his eyes. "I didn't expect you to be the soberest one."

"Although I don't like Essie, I don't want her to be wronged and die for no reason." Pursing her lips, Valery didn't say anything. She didn't do that for the sake of Essie, but for herself. On the one hand, she wanted to find out the murder to avenge her child. On the other hand, she wanted to root out a real enemy.copy right hot novel pub