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A Beautiful Misunderstanding

Chapter 231 She Committed Suicide (Part One)

She kept silent for a while, and answered in a low voice, "I don't know, maybe yes, maybe not." After a pause, she continued, "But certainly not someone as you now."

"Am I now worse than a jobless vagabond?" He raised his eyebrows. There were so many women admiring him, but they did not only care about him, but also the huge Rong's Group behind him. Only she, a muddleheaded woman, had a strong brain, who always think in a back channel way. She even hoped that he was just a homeless person.

"You are too complicated now. You can't give me the life I want." She said it in a direct way - a shameless mistress, and a poor mother-in-law. All of these almost made her breathless.

"I can give you whatever you want, but please give me a little more time." He reached out his hand and wiped off her tears.

"You just need to remember our agreement. We will talk about other things later." She wouldn't give all her hope to him before the birth of her daughter.

"I will keep my words and you can't back out." His solemn and firm tone confused her again. Did he confirm the identity of the child, or at that time, she had no use for him and could be kicked away?

A day later, the testing department's officer came. They had tested that the chicken soup contained drospirenone and ethinylestradiol. That is to say, someone put contraceptives in the chicken soup which caused the symptoms of Valery's miscarriage.

Mary took out a medicine box and said, "This is the box found in the kitchen's trash can. Whose is it?"

Jenny and Cherry looked at each other and immediately shook their heads.

Essie was shocked, 'Did anyone put the drug into the chicken soup and then throw the box into the trash can yesterday?'

"I'm not sure if it's my box, because it has been thrown away by Zac. Tonight, I wanted to find it back, but I failed," she said slowly. If she didn't mention it, someone would find an excuse to frame her up.

Hearing this, Zac couldn't help but frown. This woman was too bold. How dare she want to pick it up behind his back? He would allow her to do whatever she wanted, but when it came to Hanson and their baby, he would never tolerate it.

"What do you want this medicine for?" Mary's eyes dimmed. She realized that she was right.copy right hot novel pub